Eden Barrell-Kane

Eden Barrell-Kane

Performance ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Eden Barrell-Kane

Eden Barrell-Kane

Performance ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a dedicated, inquisitive young woman, who is sociable and good with people. I have a lot of experience in highly professional workplaces, and enjoy the thrill of a fast-paced working environment. I have a strong interest in fashion and the arts, recently graduating with a BAHons in Performance Art from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I love sewing and making/altering clothes. I’m am someone who takes much pride in how I dress, and love expressing myself through clothes. I also have an interest in social care, and have volunteered for a number of social care roles over the years. I aspire to have a creative career, in theatre or film. By trade, I am a movement director who has worked on a number of short films. I recently finished working on a film called Lapdog, where worked with the actors in various scenes involving kissing, intimate touching and some simulated sex. I directed and coordinated these scenes, working with the actors to establish consent and boundaries between them. I also have experience as an movement director on some short films, many of which are my own. I’ve recently been working on a film called Triptych, where I worked with a director to create a choreography to perform in a campy piece about religious iconography. I also have a large portfolio of clothing and costumes that I have designed and made by hand. I will always design my own costumes for performance pieces, as well as created some of my own clothing to wear in daily life. To find out more about my creative work, please visit my website: www.edenbarrellkane.com
Projects credited in
  • A club that keeps the men out (mostly)
    A club that keeps the men out (mostly)A women-only members’ club will open in London next month — the first of its kind in Britain Here’s a recipe for the perfect private members’ club. Take one Georgian townhouse in central London. Add a wellness studio run by a trainer to the Notting Hill set and a salon for post-workout blow-dries and manicures. Stir in avocado on toast and green juice. Now put aside two floors for ‘co-working space’ with plenty of velvet sofas. Finish with a top-floor cocktail bar. Then remove the men. Welcome t
Work history
    Rota logo
    Rota logo
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    ■ Rota is a company that trains people for high level silver service jobs, such as waitering events, awards ceremonies, and restaurants. ■ Since joining rota I’ve had jobs which have required me to waiter for large corporate events, serving food and drinks. I’ve also worked in very high end restaurants and even a festival. All of the jobs I’ve had with rota have been very fast paced. They are always different, this means I’d always show up to a job with a fresh attitude, ready to adapt to the new working environment. ■ I got an insight into the intensity of working in a restaurant setting. I learnt that working collaboratively with my co-workers is essential for a smooth-running service, and keeping to time in an integral part of this.
    AllBright logo
    AllBright logo
    Receptionist and AdministratorAllBright
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    ■ Allbright is an all-women’s private members club with a business focus. I worked front of house, as a receptionist, as well as an administrator. My roles were greeting members, keeping on top of their online database, answering phone calls, making restaurant reservations, making memberships, showing new members around the club, keeping on top of emails, helping organise events at the club, among many other admin jobs. ■ Here I found my skills in connecting with the clientele flourished and grew. Building relationships with members meant I was able to make a comfortable and welcoming environment for the members to enter in to, often greeting them by name. The job also meant I had a huge number of responsibilities. Sometimes, on busier days at the club, I’d have to work until 1/2am to complete all the administration duties. This demonstrated to my managers that I was a dedicated employee who took close care of the work I did. ■ On a number of occasions, I had positive feedback from members who praised my hospitality. One member wrote in an email, “Your colleague at the Mayfair reception desk made every effort to help me when I called for assistance. My applause for her excellent ‘member care’ in trying to help me every way she could.” (correspondents between a member and my manager).
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    The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama logo
    The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama logo
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
     - London, United Kingdom
    I’ve graduated from the Royal Central Speech and Drama, ranked best drama school in the country, with a BA in Performance Art, achieving a First Class grade in my dissertation (my final grade won’t be available until late September). The course was an experimental study of contemporary performance art, the more avant-garde side of performance. The course was academic, studying performance theory in great depth, and creative, where we would make out own work.
    A LevelsFortismere Sixth Form
     - London, United Kingdom
    I was an enthusiastic and hardworking student, achieving an A in Drama and Theatre Studies, a B in Psychology and a B in Philosophy at A-level. I was an active member of my school’s student-lead Debating Society for the two years I spent in sixth form. I was also part of the POW (Protect Our Women) programme, a short course for young people, aiming to address violence against women.