Eleni Parousi

Eleni Parousi

Digital Asset Manager. Photographer. Educator.London, United Kingdom
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Eleni Parousi

Eleni Parousi

Digital Asset Manager. Photographer. Educator.London, United Kingdom
About me
I am an experienced media asset manager, a photographer/videographer and an educator with experience in business management for film and non-profits. I am a strategic thinker, a systematic problem solver and a strong believer in teamwork, collaboration and life-long learning. My academic background is in graphic design with a focus and extensive experience in video, animation and photography. My creative interests have led me to work for the music and performance industry, and education. Lately my personal work has shifted towards documentary photography.
  • SHIELDS Face to Face
    SHIELDS Face to FaceOfficial music video for the track 'face to face' by the SHILEDS
  • Le Fil Genesis
    Le Fil Genesis
  • Project Wild Thing
    Project Wild ThingCardboard Cameras worked along side Project Wild thing and Gallions school to create an exciting project that brought together animation workshops, philosophy for children and our own animation practice. In this unique project we were asked to assert the brief 'Nature vs Technology'. Our objective was to create three short animations to promote the Project Wild thing Documentary. Project Wild thing is a documentary and green movement that aims to re market nature, within this screen filled world that our children live in today. As soon as we saw the brief we knew that we had to ask the experts, and the classes at Gallions School had all the expertise needed. After running Philosophy enquiries at the school exploring 'Nature vs Technology', the experts where then asked to create their own adverts for Nature. The experts(pupils) were then interviewed on their findings. We found some amazing stories and idea's within these interviews. Using these brilliant views, opinions, narratives and ideas we started to storyboard for our promotional animations. The really exciting thing about these animations are that they are not only promoting this important and interesting documentary. But also becoming informative in themselves. Turning into a resource for Gallions and other schools. With this in mind we wanted to make something that was light and fun as well as educational, whilst also being a useful promotional tool for the Project Wild Thing team.
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Projects credited in
  • Where Did All The Rebels Go?
    Where Did All The Rebels Go?Walking into Donna's room was like stepping into a speakeasy. Adam Ant spun on vinyl, warmth glowed from ambient fairy lights illuminating her eclectic punk-rock collection. Sex Pistols paintings hung on display with many more artworks casually leaning against walls creating long shadows. School bookshelves overfilled with adult books, videotapes, and magazines some of them at least 30 years old. Abandoned school lockers stood in one corner, atop sat original Salem cats from Sabrina the Teenage
Work history
    Content Manager
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Design of media library infrastructure for 30,000 digital files, digital asset management and administration on cloud based platform. Setting and implementing company wide standards for use of hardware, software, backups, file sharing, file labelling conventions, backup workflows and optimal organisation of all assets. Office management, staff overseeing and training. Sourcing and liaising with contractors, collaborators and new talent.
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I started out as a videographer and editor for music, theatre and dance. I briefly worked in fiction film as an assistant director and sound editor. Between 2010-2013, I set up a colour darkroom and was working with analogue film and colour photographic prints. I have also shot and edited stop motion animation films with the commercial arm of Cardboard Cameras between 2012-2014. Currently, I work in music photography and documentary photography.
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  • Analog Photography
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  • Documentary Photography
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  • Creative Technical
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    (hons) Graphic Design (multimediaUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    HND Photography
     - Greece