Elise Dumontet

Elise Dumontet

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Elise Dumontet

Elise Dumontet

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Landscape in pink
    Landscape in pinkLanscape in pink
Projects credited in
  • Zebedee Limb Difference Awareness Campaign.
    Zebedee Limb Difference Awareness Campaign.On April, 19 Zebedee Models from ages 2 to 54 took part in this stunning body confidence shoot with photographer Elise Dumontet. All the Zebedee models have either been born with a limb difference or had an amputation, the images are a celebration of their self-love and their body acceptance. Whether their difference is acquired (through cancer, meningitis, accident, diabetes, ex-veterans) or congenital, they really don’t want to fall on their feet anymore, they simply want to be able to stand
  • Elise Dumontet “Skin We’re In”
    Elise Dumontet “Skin We’re In”“Skin We’re In” A solo project and exhibition by photographer Elise Dumontet, in partnership with G.F Smith “Skin We’re In” is an emphatic and audacious photographic project celebrating a wide spectrum of body imperfections and the power of personality that lies within them. Elise, an advertising beauty photographer for the best part of 20 years, is telling a visual story of imperfections. From spots, wrinkles, moles, freckles and stretch marks to amputation scars and limb differences. Imperfec
  • Equal Lens: meet 100 women photographers
    Equal Lens: meet 100 women photographersAn equal shot for women photographers After looking through the books of over 70 leading commercial photography agents, we found that women accounted for less than 25% of those represented. This isn’t because of a lack of talent, or a lack of desire from agents, creative agencies or clients. It’s a structural problem that must be addressed with big collective actions, such as an industry-wide commitment to always include women photographers on the lists that clients and agencies select from.
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