Elise Dumontet

Elise Dumontet

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Elise Dumontet

Elise Dumontet

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Landscape in pink
    Landscape in pinkLanscape in pink
Projects credited in
  • Michel Roux's French Country Cooking
    Michel Roux's French Country CookingThis was a promotional campaign for a returning series with Michel Roux giving us a French lifestyle and cooking masterclass. We wanted to get not just the straight kitchen shots, but other areas that represented the show as more than just the cooking. The shoot happened in the south of France and the images were used across social media, press and on Discovery +.
  • Zebedee Limb Difference Awareness Campaign.
    Zebedee Limb Difference Awareness Campaign.On April, 19 Zebedee Models from ages 2 to 54 took part in this stunning body confidence shoot with photographer Elise Dumontet. All the Zebedee models have either been born with a limb difference or had an amputation, the images are a celebration of their self-love and their body acceptance. Whether their difference is acquired (through cancer, meningitis, accident, diabetes, ex-veterans) or congenital, they really don’t want to fall on their feet anymore, they simply want to be able to stand
  • Elise Dumontet “Skin We’re In”
    Elise Dumontet “Skin We’re In”“Skin We’re In” A solo project and exhibition by photographer Elise Dumontet, in partnership with G.F Smith “Skin We’re In” is an emphatic and audacious photographic project celebrating a wide spectrum of body imperfections and the power of personality that lies within them. Elise, an advertising beauty photographer for the best part of 20 years, is telling a visual story of imperfections. From spots, wrinkles, moles, freckles and stretch marks to amputation scars and limb differences. Imperfec
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