Emanuela Bracali

Emanuela Bracali

PhotographerNorwich, United Kingdom
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Emanuela Bracali

Emanuela Bracali

PhotographerNorwich, United Kingdom
About me
Born in Florence in 1998. I’ve always been a curious person, quite adventurous and always wanted to learn and discover new things. All reasons why I studied languages for a while, until I decided I wasn’t actually a good fit for that school, so moved to Graphc Design and graduated in 2019. You may ask ‘why are you taking pictures now then?’, well, I’d begin by saying that my journey with photography started a few years ago, when everyone had a cool blog on Tumblr where they shared random, fun pictures, and I guess that’s when I had my first digital camera. I started taking pictures of everything around me, friends, flowers, my dog. I’d bring my camera anywhere with me. In 2017 I found a bunch of old cameras in my grandma’s attic. They were all 35mm point&shoots and some SLR, and that’s when I began to become more interested and fascinated by photography, as I was also taking some classes in school. Now, after daydreaming for years and many sacrifices, I’m on my second year of Photography at the Norwich University of the Arts, and my practice developed incredibly in the past years. I’m interested in fine art and portrait photography, often analysing social issues. From time to time, when in need of a burst of creativity, I experiment with photograms.
  • Traps
    TrapsTraps is a series born during a period of anxiety and depression and as a need, to overcome such a difficult situation. In fact, it aims to represent those feelings, with a focus on the freedom and the feeling of being stuck, almost oppressed and trapped. To express the distress of feeling trapped in a situation, I’ve decided to use a plastic sheet to cover the flowers. More images can be found on my website: https://www.emanuelabracali.co.uk/traps
  • Candidus
    CandidusWith this series of still life images I wanted to explore the natural beauty of flowers.
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    BA PhotographyNorwich University of the arts
     - Norwich, United Kingdom