Ezequiel Zaccardi


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About me

Since I discovered that the world was full of places to visit, my passion was to travel in search of new curiosities and learning new things in life. My camera was my faithful companion at all times. That made me become a versatile photographer with enough skills and love that allow me to take pictures in any situation.¨ Eze Zaccardi. Ezequiel is instilled with the strong belief that our artistic perspective is formed and shaped by our individual experiences, it’s what we as humans cling to in order to decipher what unfolds in front of us and allows us to each see with different eyes. Since his childhood his dream was being a Surf Photographer. He move to Australia to improve his skills in surf photography and presently Eze is one of the familiar faces on the surf photography industry in Australia working for well-know brands and collaborating with many people.