Fanny Hoetzeneder

Fanny Hoetzeneder

Film DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Fanny Hoetzeneder

Fanny Hoetzeneder

Film DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Born and raised in France, Fanny Hoetzeneder moved to London in 2010 to study and experiment in the art of filmmaking. After graduating from UAL she started out as a photographer and took her close relationship between friends and family as inspiration (one of her photographs making it into the Photographer's Gallery’s Home Truth exhibition book).   Throughout her work, strong photography and a sensitivity towards the human subject are constant themes. She aims to look beyond the obvious to portray a real and authentic side of life, presenting it all within a distinctive and arresting visual style. This has been apparent right from her graduation film, Belleville (which premiered on NOWNESS) and is evident throughout her commercial work for brands as diverse as Ray-Ban, FIFA and Valspar. Another recurring theme throughout Fanny’s work is the comfort with which she works with real people and their communities, portraying their passion and strength through the lens. This is what Fanny captured in the award winning music video ‘BloodType’ which captures the twilight world of illegal car meets and a short film for Random Acts about a women’s roller derby team. Fanny’s work has been recognised by Shots Awards, UKMVAs, Creative Review, Channel 4, Kinsale, Nowness & Free the Bid.
  • Credit Agricole x FIFA | Commercial
    Credit Agricole x FIFA | CommercialSpot for Crédit Agricole in sponsorship for the FIFA's Women World Cup 2019. Director's Cut.
  • BloodType (ft. Eliza Shaddad) - Turtle | Music Promo
    BloodType (ft. Eliza Shaddad) - Turtle | Music PromoThe video documents one of the illegal car meet ups that happen on Sunday nights around London. It captures a beautiful melting-pot of people who are here to have a good time and who proudly display their cars. As day tunes into night, the setting of this suburban industrial carpark grows into a surreal world of neon lights and rain. Like in a dream, smoky burnouts and drifting donuts take place one after the other and all night long, set to the pulsating music of Jon Cooper (Turtle) and etherea
  • Adelphi Music Factory - Javelin | Music Promo
    Adelphi Music Factory - Javelin | Music PromoDrawing inspiration from the rhythmic energy and the tracks gospel roots; Javelin centres on a young drummer running late to rehearsal over and over again. As the repetitions build, the scenes layer upon each other in an ever growing spiral of drumming, running and preaching. Featuring an incredible cast of non-actors from Cemetery Road Baptist Church and Sheffield’s Community Choir.
  • C4 RANDOM ACTS - Short Documentary
    C4 RANDOM ACTS - Short Documentary35mm short film for Channel 4 Random Acts celebrating the beautiful and brutal nature of Roller Derby's bruises. The film is about the empowerment of the sport, its fierce community, the ownership of the player's bodies and the determination to get right back up every time.
  • Vogue China Film x CHANEL | Fashion Film
    Vogue China Film x CHANEL | Fashion Film"The Record" short fashion film commissioned by Vogue China. Starring William Chan and Sandra Ma. Fashion by Chanel.
  • Belleville | Short Film
    Belleville | Short FilmWithout dialogue, Belleville's disparate characters come together in an introverted tale of suburban living, exploring the combination between the ordinary and bizarre sides of life. Belleville is a graduation film from the University of the Arts London, London College of Communication and is part of the Nowness Short series.