Fié Neo

Fié Neo

Interdisciplinary artist. Theatre designer. Filmmaker.London, United Kingdom
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Fié Neo

Fié Neo

Interdisciplinary artist. Theatre designer. Filmmaker.London, United Kingdom
About me
Fié is an interdisciplinary artist exploring socially engaging practices through wearable art, interactive art and film. Her practice in participation highlights the importance of conversations and promotes social exchanges. She also designs for theatre and films in costume and set. Fié has performed and exhibited at Royal Albert Hall, Battersea Arts Centre, London Design Festival 2016, Field Day 2016, Platform Theatre, Lethaby Gallery etc. Fié has worked with DISNEY for the creation of a Beauty and the Beast inspired costume, in LUMIERE LONDON 2016 in collaboration with artist Mick Stephenson (project Litre of Light), designed costume for Uchenna Dance’s The Headwrap Diaries at The Place, London, set for The Breaks In You And I at The Hope Theatre and interactive event at Museum of Brands, Advertising and Packaging as part of InTransit Festival, to name a few.
  • The Other Side
    The Other SideThe Other Side was born after many, many conversations. It started off with me wanting to understand the violence of the Syrian war, my questioning of humanity, my research into the war in my family history and then many, many uncomfortable and emotional conversations I have had with my Japanese friends that got me to uncover various perspectives to the Japanese Occupation. I will spend the year travelling to interview and record various stories (do let me know if there is anyone you know who wo
  • Immersive performance at Royal Albert Hall
    Immersive performance at Royal Albert HallTransformed the VIP Prince of Wales room into a squatter demonstration. If all the paintings in the room were sold, people wouldn't be homeless. A critique on the housing crisis, we invited the audience to join us and talk about current social and political problems.
  • Disney Beauty and the Beast Costume designer and maker
    Disney Beauty and the Beast Costume designer and makerCostumes commissioned to be made by Disney for film promotion. Created with Victoria A., Hong T.
  • London Design Festival: Participatory art for Design Carousel
    London Design Festival: Participatory art for Design CarouselToby Time is an interactive performance art that allows members of the public to enter Toby and share a happy or sad memory. They then put the memories into Happy Memories Box or Bad Memory Eraser Box respectively. If they have written a bad memory, they get to pick a memory out from the Happy Memory Box.Toby is essentially a representative of everyone’s façade, a mask we all put on in everyday lives. We only see the colourful, confident and self assured side of everybody outside but not the vulnerabilities and all its struggles within. The idea for Toby started off with Hiding Vulnerability, which is why everyone is invited to enter Toby and have an intimate, personal space within that is comfortable and secure. No one can intrude and everyone is free to feel vulnerable within.Some mistakes are bigger than the rest, some memories darker and more difficult to erase. But life is always balanced with happiness of equal intensity. Let the glow and light of the sunshine in us melt the bad and dark away.
  • Participatory intervention - Tally
    Participatory intervention - TallyInterventions at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venice Biennale, Gillman Barracks Singapore, National Library Bugis Singapore Interested members of public were invited to write and share a happy or sad memory in exchange for someone else's happy memory.
  • A
    AI started the project just wanting to give someone's voice a platform to be heard. Nowadays when we talk about Syria the only thing that comes to mind is 'refugee'. I wanted to show through the film 'A' that beyond this label, Abdulhay is someone who loves his family very much, not that different from the rest of us; we don't have a choice in where we were born, he didn't have a choice that war broke out where he lived. Please, give me 7 minutes of your time to watch this.
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  • Film/tv/theatre Production
  • Immersive Theatre
  • Events
  • Participatory art
  • Photography
  • Adobe Premiere/photoshop/indesign
  • Costume
  • Organisation Skills
  • Sourcing
  • 3 Languages
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    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    BACentral Saint Martins (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice