Fleur Hulleman

Fleur Hulleman

Designer/Artist/ CMFEindhoven, Netherlands
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Fleur Hulleman

Fleur Hulleman

Designer/Artist/ CMFEindhoven, Netherlands
About me
Fleur Hulleman is a studio where the aim is to create intriguing projects to offer sensorial discovery to reawaken a more sensual relationship with objects and products. The work often unravels the sensory and emotional individual experience of touch. This to satisfy our inherent desire for tactility in our increasingly polished digital world we’re living in. In the past few years, I developed a great skill for the relationship between color, material and tactility and what experience this may induce; what effect it has on the surrounding space and spectators.
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  • Porn For The Soul
    Porn For The SoulDesigned to tease and tempt, ‘Porn for the Soul’ is a series of erotic sculptures by Fleur Hulleman. It’s all about enhancing sensual consciousness. The feminine organic forms in delicate ceramics are an open invitation to unleash sexual fantasies. It’s fantastic that now a days porn gives a fast answer to our sexual longings. ‘Porn for the Soul’ invites you to take time to discover what these sculptures do to you. More than seduce the eye, they are also arousing to touch, with rigid or soft hai
  • Touchables
    TouchablesI have a fascination for the relationship between colour, material and tactility. My design process in relation to materials is playful, eclectic and sensual. The Touchables invite tactile discovery and exploration in contrast to our increasingly polished digital world. I have created a surprising collection of material forms, encompassing visual and textural contrast. These appealing sculptures offer sensorial discovery, aiming to convey the power of colour,material and texture, to reawaken a m
Work history
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    DesignerFleur Hulleman
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  • Colour
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