Gelyane Pistoletova


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Kyiv, Ukraine
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About me

Hello,my name is Gelya Pistoletova.I'm 22 years old.I was born in Ukraine, in a small city called Balakleya.Now I'm based in Kiev. Since the very childhood I knew that somehow I would be connected with art,though I didn't have a pretty good idea of what art exactly it would be. I always loved movies and photography. I really enjoyed looking through the black and white pictures of my family.When I grew up, I entered the Drama Academy. Later I understood that I want to create characters on the pictures but not on the stage. As every girl I had lots of friends and acquaintances.I was really lucky to have met them,as everyone of them was an individual, indivisible whole, organic character. I was observing them and trying to collect their characters for making pictures.I liked conducting so-called "experiments" with the characters that I thought would suit each individual person. I liked the idea of finding their unknown sides, seeing them in unusual situations and characters. Sometimes I do get unusual and interesting results. When I take pictures, I do it intuitively, I let a model pose in a free way. I guess that the most important aspect of the pictures is naturalness of a model.Atmosphere is also of high importance.

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  • Art Fashion
  • Editoria Photography
  • Video
  • Video Clip
  • Adobe Premiere/photoshop/indesign
  • Visual Art

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    Sep 2011
    • Ukraine
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    Theatre and cinema actress

    Akademy of culture

    Sep 2012 - May 2016
    • Ukraine