Genesis Cimaroli

Genesis Cimaroli

Graphic Designer - Illustrator & AnimatorBournemouth, United Kingdom
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Genesis Cimaroli

Genesis Cimaroli

Graphic Designer - Illustrator & AnimatorBournemouth, United Kingdom
About me
I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, animator, with a little bit of experience in content creation. Who is highly motivated, driven, and has a knowledge in Adobe cloud, specially illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects. In addition to my design experience, I've been developing my knowledge in Digital Marketing. I am: hardworking, great in high-pressure environments, with strong social skills due to my previous career. Also, I am a team player who is really excited to work and expand my knowledge and become the best worker I can be.
  • Senderistas Todoterreno
    Senderistas TodoterrenoSenderistas Todoterreno is a group of friends that currently they are now a large group of people with a common hobby, walking long kilometers on nature and the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica. So, they all decided to wear a shirt that would identify them, this is the design on the front and on the back. All the details of the illustrations have meaning and are inspired by nature (plants, flowers and a hummingbird) and love (the symbol of the hand, the red thread and the lips blowing towards
  • D&AD Live Brief HSBC - Together we thrive
    D&AD Live Brief HSBC - Together we thriveCommonly when we look at a bank advertising campaign, we may come across the negative thought that the only thing they are looking for is our money. Beyond seeing advertisements about loans, the perfect house with the perfect family and everything we could do with a good budget, I wondered how to attract a potential client in another way? What is a regular customer really looking for? I came to the conclusion that the most ideal thing would be for the bank to advertise about helping when we are
  • Sexual Health Dorset Collaboration / Live Project
    Sexual Health Dorset Collaboration / Live ProjectPlay Safe was inspired on what condoms (for men and women) could carry after sex. The idea of the piñata was to compare it with condoms. Pinata has surprises inside same as condom could have surprises too
  • Animation -The Epigenetic Transformation
    Animation -The Epigenetic TransformationMy Fmp was about Epigenetic Transformation inspired on Pamela Peeke TED-Talk [] with the idea of representing a visual concept
  • Art Exhibition - Fiona Banner
    Art Exhibition - Fiona BannerFiona Banner aka The Vanity Press is a British artist, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2002. Her work encompasses sculpture, drawing, installation and text, and demonstrates a long-standing fascination with the emblem of fighter aircraft and their role within culture and especially as presented on film. So, based on her work I chose the theme based on airport assets: airplanes, aircraft runway, boarding pass and luggage tags.
  • Editorial Design - Digital Marketing
    Editorial Design - Digital MarketingEngaging consumers through Social Media with a productive content in Digital Marketing was the topic of my dissertation
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Projects credited in
  • Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual Communication
    Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual CommunicationVisual Communication’s vision explores and examines the importance of visual communication in relation to culture and society, whilst championing the significance of an interdisciplinary approach. The course is interested in interdisciplinary processes of developing ideas and communicating through visual language. Visual communication is a continuum and seamless spectrum of creative activity, from conceptual practice to mainstream design. Visual Communication produces graduates who are able t
Work history
    Graphic DesignerRichard Language College
    Bournemouth, United KingdomFreelance
    Graphic DesignerPeper La Agencia
    San José Province, San José, Costa RicaFreelance
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  • Illustration
  • Animation Design
  • Creative Design
    Visual CommunicationArt University Bournemouth
    Bournemouth, United Kingdom