Genni Natello

Barcelona, Spain
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Genni Natello

Barcelona, Spain
Projects credited in
  • Vogue Arabia Project - Production & Interview
    Vogue Arabia Project - Production & Interview
  • Emirates for Grey London
    Emirates for Grey LondonWorldwide campaign for Emirates and Grey London.
  • Helping Emirates Finds Pilots
    Helping Emirates Finds Pilots_ The brief is to attract new and experienced pilots to consider moving to Dubai and join Emirates. During our research, we found out that at that time Emirates has world’s largest fleet of wide-body aircraft and the world’s largest operator of A380 and 777. The concept is simple. Ask pilots to be part of the world’s fastest growing airline. Using the planes to create patterns, it creates unusual graphic while visualising the grandeur of Emirates.
  • Emirates Airline In-flight Menu
    Emirates Airline In-flight MenuPhotography and Retouching for Emirates Airline in-flight meal menu
  • Africa Takes Off
    Africa Takes OffEmirates has launched a pan-African brand advertising campaign that celebrates the talent and achievements of young Africans, taking the message of ‘New Africa’ to the world. The campaign also features an original music video produced by Kenyan musician and DJ Blinky Bill, inspired by contemporary African electronic club music. And I'm so proud and inspired to work with the BBC StoryWorks EMEA team that have worked incredibly hard to deliver such a fantastic and popular campaign for Emirates w
  • Desert Safari
    Desert SafariWe were given a brief to build an Arabian Village in the desert. The event was for a Group of 500 guests.
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