Gigi Soh

Gigi Soh

Design CreativeNorwich, United Kingdom
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Gigi Soh

Gigi Soh

Design CreativeNorwich, United Kingdom
About me
Gigi Soh is a visual communicator who specialises in art direction and concept design. Born and raised in Singapore, she completed her degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion in Norwich, and is currently based in the United Kingdom. Driven by her experimental and curious nature, Gigi’s work centralises around the analysing of human entity – using fashion as a medium to document shifts in society and culture. With an appreciation for storytelling, Gigi utilises her ability to piece together earnest philosophies and strong visuals to communicate a brand’s identity. Formerly immersed in the realm of interior design, she is a coffee enthusiast who is passionate about the elevation good designs bring towards everyday life. It has contributed to her heightened awareness in working with space and colours.
  • Hay Kitchen 2020 Catalog
    Hay Kitchen 2020 CatalogHay Design is a company i resonate with, from its visual language to brand identity and brand vision. The Hay borosilicate mug in amber has been my personal favourite and go-to travel essential on my journeys to and fro Singapore and the United Kingdom. Having own visuals of the mug and other applicable photos that will go with an experimental project, here is my take on HAY KITCHEN 2020 Catalog. With aims of channeling the visual language of Hay Design, and inspiration taken from HAY ACCESSORIE
  • Beyond the surface with Aēsop – Nashville travel kit
    Beyond the surface with Aēsop – Nashville travel kitAesop adopts an intimate and personable approach to their products and design. With the interior of each Aesop store being unique to its own and intentions lying in adding merit to a location rather than imposing a discordant presence; and a consistent practice to channeling a locally relevant design vocabulary. Beyond the Surface is a mock initiation designed for Aesop kits, which pays tribute to the materials, narrative and visuals of key collections. Featuring the pamphlet I have designed fo
Projects credited in
  • FaceTime Shoot with Gigi
    FaceTime Shoot with GigiFaceTime Photoshoot for my isolation #WFH project amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Work history
    Social Media DesignerStacked Homes
    SingaporeFull Time
    -I have spearheaded the company’s Instagram account, growing the number of followers from 14.8k to 23.8k in 9months. - Curated content across Instagram and Tiktok to a total number of 30K followers, while maintaining a cohesive online brand identity. - I have pitched, developed, and produced short form video content on Tiktok, with up to the exposure of 83.2k views. - Designed and written more than 135 editorial guides for Instagram over the span of 9 months. - Addressed and followed up with questions posted by followers through comments, insta-stories and direct message. - Collaborated with the video team and illustration team in producing social media assets.
    Head of ContentStorehouse Magazine
     - Norwich, United KingdomPart Time
    As a member of Storehouse, we contribute one article to each issue of Storehouse Magazine. And as a content head, my job scope includes copy checking, leading weekly team meetings and making sure that things are moving at the right pace. Not limited to content writing, I've also contributed to the identity and cover images of Issue 20 and 22 of Storehouse Magazine
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  • Editorial Photography
  • Editorial Writing
  • Publication Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autocad
    First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and CommunicationNorwich University of the arts
    Norwich, United Kingdom
    Diploma in Interior DesignSingapore Polytechnic
     - Singapore