Girbaut Bawangudi

Girbaut Bawangudi

Graphic Design StudentLondon, United Kingdom
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Girbaut Bawangudi

Girbaut Bawangudi

Graphic Design StudentLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Currently a second year Graphic Design student at University of Portsmouth, with some experience in freelance designing logos, posters, promotional materials, music artwork and illustrations. Currently looking to gain different experiences in Illustrations, Advertising, Logo, Typography, Branding and Information Design.
  • Political Animal - Poster Design
    Political Animal - Poster DesignChallenged to design a poster which promotes the Political animal campaign that motivates 16 to 24 year olds to join the emergent movement. My main idea was to use the language young people use to their friends, so I used the phrase "My G's", which means friend/s. I used the font and colour scheme from the Bite the Ballot style guide and they are all in different size because I wanted to represent different voices and background of the youths.
  • African Vision Malawi - 2016 Calendar Illustration
    African Vision Malawi - 2016 Calendar IllustrationDesigned an illustration for African Vision Malawi, which was used and chosen in their 2016 calendar. The ethical considerations of my design was to show positivity of Inclusive Education and show respect to the disadvantage people in Malawi.
  • Winsor & Newton Ink Packaging Design
    Winsor & Newton Ink Packaging DesignWhite was my chosen colour and use this as inspiration to design my packaging for the Winsor and Newton ink company. Research on the colour white helped me understand more about the colour and what I should focus on for my illustration design and this was Polar Bears
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Time Management
  • Quick Learner
  • Independant
  • Team Worker
  • Good Communication
  • Mulit Tasking
    University of Portsmouth logo
    University of Portsmouth logo
    (hons) BA Graphic DesignUniversity of Portsmouth
    Portsmouth, United Kingdom
    The course gives the opportunity to explore graphic design through the range of digital and traditional media, as well as introducing different theories and perspective to analyse the visual world, which helped me achieve a 2:1 in 1st year and develop skills in: - Working independently by conducting own research to understand data visualisation and representation to improve knowledge and help generate ideas, when designing an infographic poster. - Computer skills using Adobe After Effects, when designing a motion graphic based on a short story. - Presenting a two-page magazine spread design and communicating my ideas and process to the whole class and tutors. - Time management due to multi-tasking different units at once and meeting deadline on time. - Team work gained from working in small groups to conduct research from a given designer.
    BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Graphic DesignKingston College
     - Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
    Achieved a triple grade D*D*D*. Course focused on 2D Animation, Book Design, Image Manipulation, Packaging, Logo Design, Photography, Poster Design, Typography, Advertising, Graphic Image Making, Information Graphics and Illustration.