Grace Bruce

Social Media Influencer and Performer for film/Television

London, United Kingdom
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About me

I'm extremely passionate when it comes to creating. I love keeping up with all the latest trends and believe I have a great vision for how people may like things to be. I enjoy working as part of a team but I'm also compatible to work alone. When I'm not collaborating with brands I'm usually working on creating my own content mostly YouTube & Instagram. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of my favourite brands and also have around10 years experience working in Film & Television stunt doubling for a variety of top actors/actresses.


  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Dance
  • Social Media
  • Editing
  • Youtube
  • Youtube Content
  • Instagram
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Brand Collaboration

Companies I’ve worked with

  • Universal Pictures

    Universal Pictures

    • Film

Work history


The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

Universal Pictures

Jan 2018
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Freelance
  • I have been creating content online and collaborating with brands since 2013. In-between collaborations I also work within Film & Television doubling for actors/actresses