Grace Poole

Grace Poole

Freelance Motion Designer + IllustratorLos Angeles, United States
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Grace Poole

Grace Poole

Freelance Motion Designer + IllustratorLos Angeles, United States
About me
When I join a project, I regularly ask my team, "How can I be of help?" I love what I do, and I'm always learning how to do it better. My roots are in designing for commercial animation (I've primarily designed for animation studios, on-site and remote) but I thrive on the challenge to tell stories in any field. Open to all opportunities in Los Angeles, and very curious about opportunities beyond (hence why I'm on The Dots!) Please reach out with any questions, I'd be happy to chat :) thank you!
  • Dalida
    DalidaLast year, I really dug into chanson, to the point that it was one of my most-listened-to genres on Spotify for 2019. Of course I fell in love with Dalida. I don't speak French, but her voice translates powerful emotion past the barrier of language, and her tragic life story is both terrible and riveting. Her's a portrait to celebrate this incredible, influential French singer.
  • Portals
    PortalsBack in grade school, a friend and I made full-page doodles on printer paper, filling every empty white space with our teen emo idols, song lyrics, and silly scribbles. We filled two whole binders with over 80 of these, titling the project "doodle pages." 10 years later, I revisit the concept, creating a doodle page reflective of my irreverent love of different art styles, vibrant colors, and people, places and subjects I love. This one was created pre-pandemic, and I plan on making 3 more to he
  • In Limbo
    In LimboCouple of ladies waiting. For what? Stick around and find out.
  • Broken Heart
    Broken HeartShe woulda said yes if he'd given her a marigold instead of a poppy !!! Constructed in Photoshop.
  • Stay Home, Stay Positive
    Stay Home, Stay and Motion Appetit created a Stay Home, Stay Positive prompt, asking artists to create clapping folks on balconies to celebrate and thank all the heroes who fought during the COVID-19 pandemic. The end result was compiled into a video and on an Instagram account. Here's my own balcony, a testament to my time at my favorite house in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Pet Friends
    Pet FriendsGalactic voyages with a girl's best friends!
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