Hakeem Adjei

Hakeem Adjei

UX/UI Designer | Product DesignerAccra, Ghana
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Hakeem Adjei

Hakeem Adjei

UX/UI Designer | Product DesignerAccra, Ghana
About me
One word I would use to describe myself would be "Multipotentialite". I am a UX designer based in Accra, Ghana with a unique experience at building solutions with empathy. As a young creative learner, I look to build skills in understanding problems and communicating ideas. I am a well-rounded teamwork enthusiast who is looking for paid opportunities and challenges in UX/UI and Digital Product Design. I started my career developing my communication ability as a project assistant for British Council learning about people. I served in the corporate agriculture industry for a year. After that year, I collated my experiences and skills to transition my career into the tech industry. Currently, I am a self-taught designer mentored by communities, a front-end developer passionate about open-source and creative writer hoping to tell stories along my journey.
  • Upper Clothing Brand Identity
    Upper Clothing Brand IdentityA Brand identity Project for a Sustainable Clothing Brand. I enjoyed exploring the visual direction of the project.
  • Dog App Concept UI
    Dog App Concept UIAn app design concept for a local dog shop owner. With a focus on delivering a usable and less overwhelming app experience, progressive disclosure was utilized. � App design was geared towards providing a solution for a complete experience in browsing for dog adoption and showcase products on sale for the user.
  • Hiring Tips
    Hiring Tips
  • Banking App Redesign
    Banking App RedesignI decided to do a redesign for a banking app I use most of the time. Started with the onboarding flow. I am excited to work on the app more and post more on the project.
  • Brand Design Project - Fenem Chocoloate Bar
    Brand Design Project - Fenem Chocoloate BarExploring chocolate packaging and visual identity design.
  • UI Project for Trot Bus Ride App Case-Study
    UI Project for Trot Bus Ride App Case-StudyPublic transportation on African roads can be stressful for daily commute workers. To solve this problem, I decided to design a concept user interface backed by intensive research. Trot Bus App like any ride app shows locations and near buses conveniently for your usage. It also grants convenience to the user in the payment of fares with a Pass and easy work for conductors and drivers. A user should be able to replenish funds in his/her pass securely without having to store personal details. I
Work history
    UX designerComplete Farmer
     - Accra, GhanaFull Time
    • Built UI assets for B2C digital products used by over 100 users. • Interpreted product specifications and user psychology to influence a range of stakeholders • Distilled complex product challenges into workable solutions for teams (developers, operations, marketers and other designers) • Demonstrated usability and behaviour analysis through prototyping with Figma. • Contributed to design collaborative reviews helping drive good design decisions.
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Creative Writing
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Digital Communications
  • Product Design
  • Market Research
  • User Research
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Ghana
     - East Legon, Accra, Ghana
    Studied Political Science and Philosophy.