Hamza Ashraf

Hamza Ashraf

Photography, Cinematography & Creative DirectionLondon, United Kingdom
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Hamza Ashraf

Hamza Ashraf

Photography, Cinematography & Creative DirectionLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m an art student currently studying filmmaking at university. I’m a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in visual art and communication design that promotes advocacy and champions authentic storytelling. I specialise my practice particularly in videography, photography and graphic design. I excel in roles as cinematographer, photographer, photo/video editor, editorial editor, content creation and brand identity.
  • What Will People Say?
    What Will People Say?“What will people say”– an ingrained thought most of us have grown up with that holds negative connotations. Used to control, restrict, shame and police our lives and our choices. To exist and breathe. This statement plunges some of us anxiety-induced trances and causes us to relive our trauma. It interjects a notion towards oppressed individuals that the majority have control over their life; they feel trapped and inescapable from the toxicity of this mind-set. It’s been taught to us and tainte
  • Home Is Tangible At A Distance
    Home Is Tangible At A DistanceMy recent photography project took place while being back home during the COVID-19 second wave. I picked up the camera and began photographing my surroundings from a reproached and distant perspective over a place/environment that feels unfamiliar. I explored corners and areas after not having been home for a whole year due to travel restrictions. I shot these film photos on the Cinestill film stock - 50D and 800T.
  • A Year In Our Lives
    A Year In Our LivesI started documenting every increment of my life after having stepped foot in England around September, 2019. The whole aim was to document my life and the changes from having moved to a different country to have a fresh start in life. I wanted to capture time and the growth of the relationships I ended up making and my own growth as a person. The photographs are a love letter to the people I was surrounded with and the place and time I was in. It’s us hanging out, working together in university
Work history
    Creative Director & EditorDEEPSTATE ZINE
    Leeds, United KingdomFreelance
    I created an independent online zine that explores unconventional forms of expression & amplifying diverse voices. I act as creator & editor of the zine. Working on each issue cycle (an issue per year) heavily by designing/creating content, managing social media presence, editing website content, collaborating with contributors, copywriting & researching each issue’s subject.
    Leeds Arts University logo
    Leeds Arts University logo
    Artist in ResidenceLeeds Arts University
     - Leeds, United KingdomFreelance
    I got to be one of the artist's in residence for, "Queer Love & Identity in the 20th Century". The exhibition was a response from local queer artists in Leeds about queer narratives in the current climate. My work, “Queer Asian Love”, explored the dynamics of an Asian queer couple through film stills was exhibited amongst other queer artists. It helped me foster a reach in my own community and also to share my narrative through art.
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  • Editoral Design
  • Film Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Typography
  • Graphic Art
  • Editorial Direction
  • Social Media Management
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    BA (Hons) FilmmakingLeeds Arts University
    Leeds, United Kingdom
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    Leeds Arts University logo
    Level 3 Diploma / Foundation in Art and DesignLeeds Arts University
     - Leeds, United Kingdom