Hazel Nelson

Hazel Nelson

RetoucherLondon, United Kingdom
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Hazel Nelson

Hazel Nelson

RetoucherLondon, United Kingdom
  • Dunhill Antique Lighter
    Dunhill Antique LighterI was required to edit, then divide the image into layers so the elements could move. I believe the editor David Farago did the motion gif link attached. https://www.davidfarago.com/pk8vhn76ulv33b4tow8jwq2s1h468i
  • Sky Sports Premiere League
    Sky Sports Premiere LeagueThis Summer i had the pleasure of working for Sky Sports, doing the head shots for the Premiere League. Cant wait to do the project again Next Year!
  • LolliPoP LipStick
    LolliPoP LipStickseeing the image.. knowing the vision Filling in the gaps is often the best skill a retoucher can own! "the eye" to see what's missing from the final edit
  • Pernod Ricard
    Pernod RicardAfter Beauty and Portraiture, Food and Drink Editing is a Firm Favourite
  • Throw Back Project
    Throw Back ProjectThe work I cut my teeth on in this Industry was a lot of packshots and product line ups for Ecom, At the time I remember being so amazed how we could make things look! Of course this is the more basic end of retouch work but I still remember my Heinz days with fondness
  • James Bond
    James BondDamaged film cell repair is a rare treat for me! I adore repairing old and damaged photographs
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