Henri T

Henri T

Creative Director | Arts Photographer & Filmmaker | Performer | Senior Event Crew and Stage ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Henri T

Henri T

Creative Director | Arts Photographer & Filmmaker | Performer | Senior Event Crew and Stage ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Henri T is a non-binary trans identifying, visual storyteller, working with photography, moving image and performance. They are interested in documenting and exploring queerness, deconstructing the gender binary and raising visibility for underrepresented groups and issues. Henri describes themselves as an observer who, with an honest and kind eye, encourages their subjects to embrace all of who they are. In contrast to this, the set in their work is often staged, as they want the viewer to reflect on our environments as what they are, social constructs. The more we don't feel align with those constructs, the harder it is to navigate this world and to find a comfortable space within it. Being a dancer and performer themselves, Henri is also very passionate about documenting the Arts, mainly queer cabaret and theatre but also other movement based practices. Henri has worked on several photographic and moving image commissions and magazine publications over the years, and an exhibition at Southampton University. Very recently they have art directed and photographed a project for the podcast project ‘Adventures in Time and Gender’, as part of the Sexology Project of Exeter University and funded by The Wellcome Trust.
  • Orlando in Lockdown
    Orlando in LockdownHolly James Johnston who performs as alter ago Orlando commissioned me to create a photo series for the Rethinking Sexology project, a University of Exeter initiative funded by the Wellcome Collection. This project takes inspiration from the portraits of Orlando that feature throughout Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’ (1928), imagining how Woolf’s hero/heroine would have spent lockdown. See the full series on the @transthrutime website, which explores whether twenty-first century trans, non-binary, an
  • E.M. Parry
    E.M. ParryI was commissioned by artist E.M. Parry to spend some time in a creative space and document snippets of their working practice in a playful and explorative way. In their own words “Visual artist, scenographer, theatre-maker and drag artist E.M. Parry @e_m_parry squints queerly at history, compresses time's telescope, flirts with ghosts and the things that go bump in the margins. Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt...” It was a very interesting way of working, 1 1/2 hours of silence, a
  • The Fabric of a Relationship
    The Fabric of a RelationshipThis was an incredible performance by Orlando Myxx that I was fortunate enough to document.
  • Beau Jangles for Louche Mag
    Beau Jangles for Louche Mag“July 2019 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. To celebrate Louche looks back at an under appreciated icon of the Stonewall era - Stormé DeLarverie (1920-2014) legendary drag king and lifelong activist. Too often forgotten from history (as so many queer women of colour sadly are), rumour has it that DeLarverie actually threw the first punch at the Stonewall Inn in the early hours of 28th June 1969, igniting public unrest and ushering in an era of great change for LGBTQ people
  • The Genderless Gowns
    The Genderless GownsI’m not a friend of trends, never have been. People often just jump onto the band wagon mistaking a movement for a trend. Money-making trends very often disappear. Movements want to achieve a deep shift and change in society. Drag is very much mistaken for a ‘trend’ in the mainstream. People enjoy it on stage or on television as a performance, ignoring the rich and diverse underground drag scene, ignoring that drag wants to open our eyes that gender is a construct and therefore intersects with a
  • The Modern Family
    The Modern FamilyAs a queer and adopted child I often questioned my belonging and what family actually means to me, growing up being very different to the rest of my family in many respects. How safe do we feel with the people we grow up with to really be ourselves and express ourselves fully? How many of us get the support and the encouragement they need? Do most of us find their own family? And what binds us as a queer family apart from queerness? Queer enough? Trans enough? This story explores many different
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Projects credited in
  • 'What does trans look like?': a creative campaign by Henri T for IDAHOBIT Day 2021
    'What does trans look like?': a creative campaign by Henri T for IDAHOBIT Day 2021We commissioned talented photographer Henri T to undertake this photography campaign for a Liberally client, to mark IDAHOBIT Day 2021. You can read the accompanying interviews with the beautiful individuals who took part in Liberally Quarterly Issue Two. All photographs are the copyright of World Wide Generation and cannot be used without prior permission.
  • Liberally Quarterly Issue Two
    Liberally Quarterly Issue Two
  • Transhumanist
    TranshumanistTranshumanist for Untainted Magazine issue six : the shape of things to come Photography & finish: Henri T \ Beauty: Khandiz Joni \ Art Direction: Astrid Salas \ Model: Cali White
Work history
    PhotographerBar Wotever
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Resident Photographer at Bar Wotever Cabaret
    PhotographerKerry Taylor Auctions
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Photographing vintage garments
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