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About me

HOA is an entertainment and production house based in London. Founded by Dale Moran in 2018, HOA pays homage to the ballroom scene and the house culture of vogue community in the 80’s; it’s an alternative family, a safe haven for performers and queer artists, and a liberating force that celebrates diversity through performance art. Dale is known for his couture productions and passion for showcasing talented queer artists. Under his guidance, HOA has supported and produced for Ru paul’s drag race Uk/European tours, Over seen creative direction at London fashion week, curated Europe's largest LGBT and club Heaven, Produced Cabaret for venues Like Ace hotel, events for brands Like Christian Louboutin, MTV and Kiehls alog side numerous pieces of choreography for film and music video’s. HOA is ready to infatuate you all with its unique fusion of art, dance, drag, and circus. A night with the HOUSE OF ANDROGYNY combines the classic cabaret world with the iconic and utterly debauched nature of underground London nightlife. Think high-fashion on an outrageous fantasy - Thierry Mugler in sequins darling. The house rules are simple: always be your authentic self, support and respect everyone in the family, and to always be on your worst behaviour. Www.houseofandrogyny.com @wearehoa


  • Choreography
  • Movement Direction
  • Creative Consulting
  • Styling
  • Directing Theatre
  • Directing Film
  • Video Director
  • Art Directon
  • Event Management
  • Producing
  • Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Dancing
  • Jazz Dance
  • Dance Film
  • Dance Choreography
  • Events Production
  • Production
  • Production Management
  • Fashion