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House of Forme is a full service design and creative agency supporting the evolution of brands from initial concept to end user experience- Through a narrative based holistic approach. We design compelling stories, systematic identities, immersive environments and considered objects. We craft unique communications that addresses multiple layers of the human experience. Experiences that change the way people feel, think and do. Our designs are defiantly different. Tastefully executed and driven by strong narratives. We go beyond addressing relevance and commercial needs, beyond hollow pretty things, but compelling identities with a sip of nostalgia. In simple terms, we create soul for brands.
  • Pott
    PottArms of Nobility and Wisdom. POTT is an architecture and interior design firm with own contracting team and production factory. They founded their firm in 2003 with an emphasis on interior design and have since expanded into a multidisciplinary practice that addresses multiple layers of the human experience. A group of highly experienced creatives, delivering the most captivating destinations and exquisite goods across the globe. House of Forme worked with the client on the rebrand strategy, c
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    KamikotoA Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Kamikoto is a Japanese knife maker and brand that pays tribute to the centuries-old craft of knifemaking. Each Kamikoto blade is handcrafted with precise attention and care, employing traditional skills handed down by expert knifemakers throughout the centuries. To celebrate a thousand years of craftsmanship and the authentic human touches that makes each Kamikoto product unique, Kamikoto worked with House of Forme to launch their first publication as a show
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    CampfireTogether Further Faster. Campfire is a global network of customised shared spaces, leading the evolution of how people work, live, learn and play — Bringing them together to go further, faster. Founded in 2016 amidst the hustle of Hong Kong, they're building the next generation network of shared spaces that fosters all aspects of modern life. House of Forme worked with the client on their global rebranding strategy, stationary, digital media, marketing, interior space and photography. See t
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