Isy+Leigh Anderson

Isy+Leigh Anderson

Photographer/Director/Film MakerManchester, United Kingdom
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Isy+Leigh Anderson

Isy+Leigh Anderson

Photographer/Director/Film MakerManchester, United Kingdom
About me
Photography by Anderson are Isy + Leigh. Yes, we’re a couple. Married, in fact. And to answer your next question: No, we don’t get sick of the sight of each other. Actually, we work together every day and love (almost) every minute of it. One’s Welsh. One’s Scouse. One loves techno. One loves Tom Jones. One’s spontaneous. One plans their every move. On paper, it shouldn’t work. Our photography shows it does. We’re two people who think differently and have different skills. But that chemistry is what pushes us both to be better. So, the next question you might be asking is who does what? Isy likes to tinker in the studio. Leigh enjoys being out on location. Isy is an exceptional retoucher. Leigh has a great eye for lighting. We bring out the best in each other. And that’s what great partnerships are all about. Here comes our pitch. We’re fun, friendly and award-winning photographers. We get commissioned by some of the industry’s most creative agencies and regularly shoot for big brands and well-known organisations. In a nutshell, we enjoy photographing people or places and we love combining the two. We are Isy + Leigh. Together we are Photography by Anderson. Selected clients include; The Christie, Mind, Manchester City FC, Shelter, NHS, Fulham FC, The Trussell Trust, London Zoo, Skiddle, and United Utilities. Selected Awards include; Creative Review Photography Annual, Association Of Photographers Awards, Shot Up North, The BJP's Portrait Of Britain, Portrait Salon and the Roses Design Awards.
  • The Christie Cancer Charity. Saving Lives Billboard Campaign.
    The Christie Cancer Charity. Saving Lives Billboard Campaign.We were recently commissioned by the talented folks over at Music to shoot the latest stills and moving image Campaign for The Christie Charity. We shot portraits and short films of patients, nurses, fundraisers, and volunteers. The Campaign is being showcased all across Greater Manchester on large format digital screens, public transport and across all social media channels. This was the perfect project for us as we love meeting and photographing these inspirational characters. We’ve had a
  • Shine A Light On Suicide Campaign.
    Shine A Light On Suicide Campaign.Working together with Glorious Creative we shot the photography for their Shining A Light On Suicide campaign. Around 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts at some point in their life. This campaign aims to destigmatise the subject of suicide and help people to talk about it.
  • Emmaus UK. Working together to end homelessness.
    Emmaus UK. Working together to end homelessness.A campaign of short films shot for the homeless charity Emmaus UK.
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