Jack Atkins

Jack Atkins

3D GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
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Jack Atkins

Jack Atkins

3D GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Im a 3D Generalist at graduate level and have recently graduated at Norwich University of the Arts studying VFX. My current knowledge in the 3D field ranges from hard surface modeling in Maya, organic sculpting in both ZBrush and Mudbox as well as texturing in both Mari and Photoshop. I am also able to perform basic rigging and animating in Maya as well as minor Fur and Grooming with Vray Fur.
  • CG Bender Reporting for Duty.
    CG Bender Reporting for Duty.Fan favourite cartoon character ‘Bender’ from cartoon series ‘Futurama’, created by Matt Groening, has been reconstructed as an rendered 3D character using Maya and Arnold Renderer as well as using texturing software such as Mari. This had been made to be shown on Instagram and I had used what I had learned over my time at NUA to create this 3D character, such as modelling, lookdev, texturing, UV mapping, rigging and animating to bring this 2D character to life in a hyperreal 3D environment.
  • Giant Bullet Ant
    Giant Bullet AntI have created a Gaint CG bullet ant in both Maya and ZBrush as well as using Vray for fur and rendering that has been animated into a scene of Norwich Cathedrals Cloisters. This took many months to create, but I have enjoyed making it and have learned loads in 3D character creation and organic modelling, where I hope to do more projects like this in the future.
Work history
    Trainee Junior CompositorLexhag VFX
     - Norwich, United KingdomInternship
    This was a weeks work experience where I had worked on the pilot episode for ITV's McDonald and Dodds which aired in March 2020. In this I had taken part in keying, rotoscoping as well as 3D tracking and stabilization.
  • 3D Maya
  • Mari
  • 3D Rendering
  • Nuke
  • UV Mapping
  • 3D Animation
  • Texturing
  • Adobe Photoshop
    (BA hons) VFXNorwich University of the arts
     - Norwich, United Kingdom
    In this course I have learned a combination of technical and creative skills to create various effects for a moving image production. So far in this course I have learned how to composite 2D and 3D assets into a scene with Nuke, as well as create 3D rigged, textured and animated assets in Maya that can be used in a scene. What I aim to get out of this course is to produce professional Visual Effects at an industry standard.