Jack Durling

Jack Durling

Ceramicist Painter ArtistBrighton, United Kingdom
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Jack Durling

Jack Durling

Ceramicist Painter ArtistBrighton, United Kingdom
About me
In studying at The University of Brighton on 3D Design and Craft Jack has developed a broad range of skills in various mediums including ceramics. Taught from an early age Jack begun working with clay in secondary school, creating ambitious large scaled hollow sculptures, developing his passion for the material. Jack is also a very keen painter and illustrator, and the two approaches often overlap and intertwine in his experimental artistic practise. ​ Being a keen conservationist, Jack seeks to create emotive work thats brings focus upon often ignored and complex issues. Subtle hints are incorporated to address greater problematic issues in the world in which we live today such as animal welfare concerns. Jacks compassion for wildlife protection has led him to create his latest body of work 'Bleeding for Gold' to express the beauty and value of these species. Hand building hollow sculptures using the medium of black clay, oxides, glaze and lustres, Jack has worked hard to consider the aesthetics and composition of his subjects. The forms are exagerated and bring focus upon the parts of the pieces that signify value with gold. ​ ‘It excites me to create work that seeks to highlight often difficult overlooked situations visually communicating them in a different yet understandable manner.’ ​ Jack now works in his studio based at Rosehill Workshops in Brighton, East Sussex, England.
  • Bleeding For Gold
    Bleeding For GoldBleeding For Gold Poaching is an ever growing crisis in the modern day world. Severely corrupt, highly prized sought after material of animal origin is trafficked on the black market for traditional Chinese medicine and craft practises. Dating back many of centuries, animals such as Rhino and Elephants have and still are brutally maimed and mutulated just for the ivory and horn of which they carry. Bear species native to Asia such as Sloth Bears are cruelly kept alive and invasively milked thro
  • Cloaked Cetacea
    Cloaked CetaceaCloaked Cetacea 71% of our world is water, vast oceans are inhabited by some of the largest animals to ever grace our planet and yet still little is known about them. Many of us go about our daily lives and forget to consider what may happen to that little piece of plastic packaging. And sometimes this ends up in places that we wouldn’t expect. ​ A soup of plastic, ​ Unfortunately for animals such as whales their delicate ecosystems for which they call home are negatively affected by our indirec
  • In Black, Oil Series
    In Black, Oil SeriesIn Black Oil Series, These pieces seek to elaborate upon oil spillages in our seas. Representative of a greater problem that is effecting majestic species at a direct consequence of the carelessness of humanity. 'For me cormorants have a great connection to my childhood, growing up I holidayed in Dungeness, Kent, England, and would annually visit the RSPB nature reserve there, it was there I learnt about different bird species and the environment, and it is where I discovered the majestic cormor
Projects credited in
  • One Year In
    One Year InFor talented designers launching new creative businesses
  • One Year In 2018
    One Year In 2018Presented by New Designers and curated by Rheanna Lingham, One Year In is a showcase of the top 100 new design businesses in the UK. The exhibition takes place across both weeks of New Designers (27-30 June and 4-7 July) and showcases the most promising and intriguing designers, studios and entrepreneurs who have recently launched their own business. Visitors can browse and buy original pieces directly from their makers, find out more about their ambitions and commission bespoke works while sup
  • Handmade at Kew
    Handmade at KewA global contemporary craft event held in amongst Decimus Burton's Victorian glasshouses in Kew Gardens.
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