Jade Braham

Jade Braham

Travel BloggerNottingham, United Kingdom
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Jade Braham

Jade Braham

Travel BloggerNottingham, United Kingdom
  • Soho Square, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
    Soho Square, Sharm el Sheikh, EgyptTravel Blog Post No.2 Before going on holiday all I ever heard for months was 'be careful out there... the heat is unbearable... make sure you wear sun cream' and in all honestly I thought that these people were just being rather hyperbolic and were trying to scare me. I thought I had been abroad before, to places like Turkey which on a bad day went above 40 degrees - so I thought I'm an experienced trooper I'll be fine. Gosh was I wrong! The first thing I remember upon landing in this exquisit
  • Traditional Egyptian Home
    Traditional Egyptian HomeBlog Post No.1 
Whilst travelling down the River Nile on a rather deserted cruse, our tour guide insisted that we trust him and take a jeep out into the desert to visit a remote rural village that has over the centuries managed to keep the essence and appearance of a ancient traditional housing and architecture.
Upon arriving at the village (with dust embedded in our hair, caught in our clothes and stinging our eyes as this village was only accessible via unpaved dirt roads), I caught sight of
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