James Alexander

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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James Alexander

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Hereford Cathedral
    Hereford CathedralHereford Cathedral is a medieval sandstone church at the heart of one of England’s finest country towns. Features include a 1475 cloister overlooking the River Wye and a unique chained library. It is especially famed for being the home of the Mappa Mundi, an ancient and remarkable visual encyclopaedia of the world. We designed this guide, written by the Dean of Hereford, which tells the story of the building from its humble Saxon origins, right up to the present day.
  • The Flying Scotsman
    The Flying ScotsmanWe designed this book about ‘the world’s most famous train’ in 2016. While the name ‘Flying Scotsman’ is well known to many, the complete story of the train and its place in British social history had been untold until then. Combining engaging text with a wealth of images – including much previously unpublished material – this book shed new light on this legend of the railways.
  • Corpnex
    CorpnexCorpnex was established in 1999 to satisfy the demand for high quality, ready-to-use office space. Most office space was too basic or overbranded and they set out to create ‘space with soul’. We worked closely with Francis Hallawell from the PR agency QBO. The fabulous photography was by Chris Gascoigne of View Pictures.
  • Baker Stuart
    Baker StuartBaker Stuart specialise in workplace strategy, transition and management. Our geometric logotype for them was inspired by the art of space-planning but we use hard, quantifiable data in all their marketing materials.
  • Napo
    NapoWe've worked with Napo (the Trade Union, Professional Association and campaigning organisation for Probation and Family Court staff) for over 10 years. This has included rebranding them, designing their newsletters and campaign materials.
  • Numerica
    NumericaBusiness services company Numerica (‘The Business for Business’) was formed from accountancy firms Levy Gee, Jayson Newman and NMGW. It floated on AIM with a capitalisation of £46m. We created this logotype which derives from the Greek sigma symbol: ∑ which is the addition of a sequence of numbers; the result is their sum or total.
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