Jamie Windsor

Jamie Windsor

IllustratorBristol, United Kingdom
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Jamie Windsor

Jamie Windsor

IllustratorBristol, United Kingdom
  • Love Earth, Love Life
    Love Earth, Love LifeI wasn't intending on making this piece I was just playing around and it started to come together quite nicely. Looking back at work I made a couple of years ago which included an Earth and comparing it to this piece just shows how far I've come not only as a papercraft artist but also with my digital art skills too. I'm planning on bringing some sort of simple movement to my artwork just to give it a bit of life and have recently been playing around with After Effects. It's completely new to m
  • I Feel A Connection
    I Feel A ConnectionPlayful take on a WiFi signal icon. My initial idea for this was to raise each bar slightly to create a nice even shadow but when I was cutting the bars out it caused them to curve a little and when placed down on the desk it made a really nice shadow which I felt worked even better. It's reasons like this why bringing back my physical papercraft background is so important in my creative process. Shadows and outcomes like this would have never happened if I created the piece completely digitally
  • Pizza That Ass
    Pizza That Ass"Yeah I wouldn't mind a pizza.... PIZZA THAT ASS!!!" Alright so I had so much fun creating this papercraft piece. I've always been a quirky guy who loves to joke around and this illustration really let me put my hair down and just have fun with it. I've found over the past few months that I can struggle to create work, it's not that I don't have the ideas because I have loads but I've started to worry about what others may think and how they might react. Social media is such a great way to get
  • And I Love You But...
    And I Love You But...Music has always been a huge part of my life and I've constantly got my speakers on when I'm at my desk sketching out new ideas or working on a project. At the moment I'm loving a band called Catfish and the Bottlemen which is where I got my inspiration for this piece. Their song 7 has a lyric that goes "and I love you but I need another year alone"and I always find myself singing it out loud. Valentines Day is coming up so I thought what a perfect time to create something love related, well kin
  • Break The Mould
    Break The MouldBreak The Mould was an idea that came to me when I was thinking about my Level Headed illustration and how I could make something else along those lines. This piece was created using a mix of real paper cutouts and digital papercraft skills that I've learnt myself along the way. I absolutely love this way of working because it gives me the best of both worlds in terms of physical and digital work. My original creation of this piece had the light coming from the left hand side causing the shad
  • Pick Love
    Pick LoveThere's so much hate in the word and focus on the negatives that I wanted to make a little illustration to show that through all of the hate and negativity in the world we should focus on being happy and treating people how we would like to be treated. Pick Love and make the world a better place.
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Work history
    Cog Design logo
    Cog Design logo
    Newsletter IllustratorCog Design
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Cog Design asked me to create an illustration for their August newsletter in response to their trip to the Walala X Play exhibition. The illustration created was a layered maze in the same style as the exhibitions overall look and feel. I wanted to give the piece some depth so added a few different layers so I could really work with the shadows and create a labyrinth feel.
    Promotional IllustratorHype Creative
     - AustraliaFreelance
    After seeing my work on my Instatgram page I was approached by Hype Creative to creative 3 promotional illustrations to be used to promote their services to new and existing clients. I was given pretty much free roam to create anything I wanted on the services Hype Creative provide which were Idea Development, Responsive Web Design and Premium Flyer Delivery. I stuck close to the clients existing colour pallete and created 3 unique eye-catching pieces.
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    BA (hons) IllustrationCardiff Metropolitan University
     - Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Whilst studying at Cardiff Met I was able to try out a lot of different techniques including paints, print making and modelling. I'd always loved working with paper and halfway through my second year I started to focus on what I could achieve by using paper alone. I loved the idea of creating illusions and artwork that would make the audience stop to think and I found shadows achieved this by giving my work a sense of depth. I've been working with paper ever since and continue so experiment with new techniques I can apply to make my work unique and interesting.