Jay Baulch

Jay Baulch

Lead Motion Graphic ArtistCardiff, United Kingdom
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Jay Baulch

Jay Baulch

Lead Motion Graphic ArtistCardiff, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I'm Jay, like the letter. A Motion designer and general dork. I'm based in Cardiff, Wales and freaking love learning random facts so if you know anything interesting send it through!
  • Animating Vintage Ads
    Animating Vintage AdsI decided to animate 100-year-old adverts and turn them into AR pieces.
  • R&D - Product Animations and Stop Motion
    R&D - Product Animations and Stop MotionI decided to create some animation out of products around the house. From my great grandfather's Bell's Whisky to one of my favourite drinks Supermalt. It was a fun challenge seeing how far you could push a single asset. All of these videos are created using stop motion and also applying motion graphics to make the videos as engaging as possible.
  • Cadent - Be a Carbon Monoxide Detective
    Cadent - Be a Carbon Monoxide DetectiveA project for Cadent Gas around how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning. The overall video is set on you the viewer are a detective trying to detect a silent killer which is carbon monoxide. The design and style is inspired by The Pink Panther title sequnces.
  • Public Health Wales - Choose Smokefree
    Public Health Wales - Choose SmokefreeThe Welsh Government are introducing new legislation on March 1st 2021 making more locations across Wales smokefree. The new legislation will mean that hospital grounds, schools grounds and public playgrounds, as well as outdoor day care and child-minding settings will be required to be smoke-free. This animation aired on TV as part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of this new legislation
  • Utility Point TV Commercial
    Utility Point TV CommercialThe first-ever TV Commercial for Utility Point!
  • Beat Flu 2020 Animation- Public Health Wales
    Beat Flu 2020 Animation- Public Health WalesThe 2020 TV commercial for Beat Flu, A campaign run by Public Health Wales to raise awareness of the Flu vaccine and how it can be used to keep you safe over the winter. Created in both the English and Welsh language airing on ITV and S4C
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Work history
    S3 Advertising logo
    S3 Advertising logo
    Lead Motion Graphic ArtistS3 Advertising
    1 Central Square, Cardiff CF10 1FS, UKFull Time
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • Videography
  • Motion Design
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Create Suite
  • Commercial Advertising
  • 2D Animation
    (BA Hons) Visual Effects and Motion GraphicsUniversity of South Wales
     - Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Best Integrated Campaign - LargeCIM Marketing Excellence Awards