Jennifer Olayinka

Jennifer Olayinka

Music Producer & Video EditorLondon, United Kingdom
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Jennifer Olayinka

Jennifer Olayinka

Music Producer & Video EditorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, Im Jen. I am a walking burst of creativity. I am in love with anything and everything creative. Since i was young my creativity started with writing stories and poetry and i was lucky enough to have a couple poems published while i was in school. Alongside having a passion for words, i am extremely visual and love what something could mean through an image/art/video. In college, i started my own photography company called PhotoJenic...(get it!) I had my own camera (Sony A200 with Macro lens) and loved taking pictures of anything and everything, especially candid photos. As i started my course at UAL, Studying Advertising, i had been working in retail, which really helped me develop my work ethic and my customer service skills which really helped to bring out the love i have for communicating and connecting with people; knowing their wants and needs, and also developing strong connections. As a lover of people and with a deep interest in Psychology, I've always questioned things and wanted to really understand people and the difference in people (I'm a Pisces so i guess that explains it too!). While i was studying, i unfortunately did not have the advantage of taking placements or doing internships, as i had to work to support my home life...You know when life hits you! However after attending the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival after graduating, i was able to gain a short internship at Marshall Street Editors after graduating. From 2016, i went into office support roles, and gained very strong organisation, technical and administration skills as well as the flexibility of what i did, such as Hospitality, HR, Finance, IT and of course Recepiton, but i also attained knowledge of both the corporate industry and the creative industry and seeing how different they operate. I would say this is a very huge advantage as i have a very broad spectrum on, i would say life. I've spoken to so many different people from around the world that have inspired me, allowed me to see things in different perspectives through work, life lessons and also creativity. I am very good at using Microsoft Office applications . such as Microsoft word, Excel, Outlook etc; as well as Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects etc on both PC's and Apple devices. I would say i'm great at adapting to my surroundings which helps with everything i do, including helping to strengthen my skills, because i am very open minded and love learning new things and developing myself, and right now i am about to start learning how to code properly and also find a language on Groupon to learn (Discount!). While i had no laptop to do my designing, producing and editing, i started looking for phone apps to use instead, and have made some great things from being able to use my initiative. I also produce music and write lyrics as music is a undoubtedly the biggest inspiration i have. Music helps me do everything creative, and though i don't need always need it, it can really give me an extra je ne sais quoi, so whether it be part of the work or just listening to it while i work, really gives me a push. As i have stated previously, i am extremely visual and i am a storyteller. I love to and want to be able to tell stories through any creative format. Whether it be from words, photography, illustrations, music, motion and movement, just anything to be creatively free, i want to be part of and be successful at. I am finally ready to go into my professionalism of creativity and finally do what i do best...Create!
  • Vibes
    VibesIf you want vibes while you do what you do, take a listen. You won't regret it.
  • We should Just...
    We should Just...Hi guys, I'm looking to work with musicians and creatives! From singers, rappers, producers, engineers, spoken word and also film crew and actors. I have resources and great ideas I'd love to share and build with. Let's make sweet ish happen. �✌��
  • Littyzoner-Focus
    Littyzoner-FocusHey guys, please check out my 1st beat release. I've actually let fear hold me back for years but finally I've had the courage to put this out. I produced and edited the video myself too. would love love your feedback and lets . Lots more to come ��
  • Colonization
    ColonizationNSG Latest Music Video
  • Music Video Shoots
    Music Video ShootsI was assisting the as a steadicam Assistant/trainee in these shoots.
  • PhotoJenic
    PhotoJenicHere are few photography projects i've shot. I used my Sony A200 DSLR with a Macro lens. Some captured movement, candid shots, creative direction for a shoot and also portrait shots -LittyZoner
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Work history
    Territory Studio logo
    Territory Studio logo
    Creative ReceptionistTerritory Studio
    Great Sutton St, London, UKFull Time
    SteadiCam Assistant/TraineeSteadi Jay
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    • Assist Steadicam Operator on film set • Being knowledgeable and remember camera set ups • Communicating with different departments on set, such as lighting directors etc • Helping and being flexible • Commuting from early hours to late hours • Keeping a strong personable, professional image Jobs: Don Strapzy-Steadicam Assistant, stunt double, Dancer Unknown T-Steadicam Assistant Rebecca Garton -Steadicam Assistant Pyreli- Steadicam Assistant Dutchavelli (amazon)-Camera Trainee
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    MA lnternational Music MarketingTileyard Education
     - London, United Kingdom
    Studying Advertising was really great as it opened my mind up to how to be creative in a scheduled and organised manner. Going through modules from Planning, which required extensive research, strategy, analysing and people skills, to content creation and having the ability and freedom to create our own projects acting as copywriter, art director and producer. I was luckily to have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, and have lessons with my tutor to develop my skills in creative software, however as I studied graphic design in college, I already had a knack for it. Now 2020 I have started my MA in International Music Marketing, which I will continue next year at Tileyard education. Music is my passion and creativity is my life. I would love to spread my creativity into different industries mainly in music as I also produce and write music.