Jessie Edwards-Thomas

Visual artist

Mid Level
Bristol, United Kingdom
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Jessie Edwards-Thomas (born 1991) is a visual artist based in Britain. She originates from Snowdonia, North Wales. Her artistic practise explores the individual through power, voice and community. Currently her work is exploring the representation of the self through the pathway of mental health and homelessness. Jessie’s work questions the individual’s need for belonging within the construct of society. Her artistic practise explores the individual through gender, mental health and the individual's placement within society. Her artistic practice reflects her life experiences, for example, her work in the mental health sector in Bristol. Her practice also evolves through her research. She uses the relationship between the photographer and the sitter to investigate these ideas as part of the image. Jessie is currently exploring the concept of the Other through Jean Baudrillard’s theory of Simulacra and Simulations. Jessie is interested in the perception of constructs of reality. How does this affect how we see ourselves, where we place ourselves and our sense of belonging; and essentially how we see each other and therefore how we value each other? Her practice utilises the what-ifs of fiction and imagination to explore said themes of belonging, power, symbols, societal structures and connection through storytelling. Jessie received the Vice Chancellor scholarship at the University of the Arts, London where she graduated with a Masters of fine art photography, achieving the Sproxton award for photography.

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