Joanna Wickham

Joanna Wickham

Junior designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Joanna Wickham

Joanna Wickham

Junior designerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a Fine Art graduate, looking to pursue a commercial career. I am a multi-disiplinary visual worker. As well as painting, I specialise in printmaking and graphic design. I have experience in branding, advertising and design and I am keen to continue applying myself to different creative areas. @jrwickhamart
  • Degree Show Advertisement
    Degree Show Advertisement
  • Conference Room Decal
    Conference Room DecalDuring my time at Run for The Hills, I helped design a conferece room decal of 'Famous Thinkers' at Bedford Heights. In doing this I had to think about the brand's palette, as well as clever ways of communicating ideas and charaterstics associated with each figure. To create the decal I used photoshop, creating a continuous collage with the paths tool.
  • Cosmetic Packaging
    Cosmetic PackagingUsing illustraions I created with a graphics tablet, I created different gradients of colour for packaging. This was a personal project I did to show how my work can be applied to products and branding. I created two sets within this project, a darker, muskier range, and a lighter, fresher range.
Work history
    Junior Graphic Designer
    London, United KingdomInternship
    I joined the marketing team at Bupa Cromwell Hospital as a junior graphic designer. The experience was an insight into corporate design and how a designer is able to work within the parameters of a specialist and focused organisation. During this time I mainly worked on article design and layout for Bupa's seasonal magazine, Health etc. I also created templates and concepts for the hospital's calendar as well as mocking up adverts to go in public spaces. My Indesign and typographic skills particularly benefited from my time in the office.
    Head Designer
    During my two final years at university I was on the committee for the Design society. In my third year I was Social Secretary and in my fourth year I was Head Designer. This role allowed me to gain experience in marketing and branding. I was responsible for the society's image, ensuring an evolving yet consistent identity.
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  • Hand Printmaking
  • Abobe Indesign/photoshop/illustrator
  • Photography
  • Oil Painting
  • Illustration
  • Advert Design
  • Graphic Art
  • Photo Editing
  • Screen Print
  • Mural Art
    Edinburgh College of Art logo
    Edinburgh College of Art logo
    Bachelor of Arts (BA), Fine Art (Painting)Edinburgh College of Art
    I specialised in painting during my time at Edinburgh College of Art, through my degree I realised a desire to channel my work into a commercial context. Over the four years I have taught myself the Adobe Creative Cloud alongside my painting. These graphic skills have influenced my work and helped me to refine my aesthetic. I have graduated feeling confident of my abilities, both in my own work and when applying myself to briefs and commissions. I intend to always paint, but to now switch emphasis towards printmaking and graphic design.