Joaquín Huezo

Joaquín Huezo

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Joaquín Huezo

Joaquín Huezo

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My actions speak by themselves. I focus towards results and problem solving with a tender and human approach. Under pressure I'm cold-minded and rational but at the same time I remain warm and comprehensive. Staying calm is my virtue and patience is a constant practice of mine. Production is my passion which makes me a goal oriented person. I seek progress and the know-how. I'm determined and committed to creative projects, ideas and scripts. If I find these worth the time and effort they require, I won't give up on them until I see it shown to the public. I think what is great about our industry is the people you're surrounded with while at work in any type of creative endeavours. Teamwork is without a doubt what makes films, video and TV a great place to work at.
Projects credited in
  • Last Drop - Premiering on Directors Notes
    Last Drop - Premiering on Directors NotesSo excited that a short film I wrote and directed, Last Drop, has its online premiere on Directors Notes! Check out the article and the film here: Loved working with this team - here is to the next one!
  • Stills from 'The Next One'
    Stills from 'The Next One'A short film project that I wrote and directed over the summer.
  • Last Drop - Film Stills
    Last Drop - Film StillsStills from my latest project - a short film "Last Drop"
  • The Next One
    The Next OneTwo hitchhikers from different worlds share an unforgettable connection as they wait for a ride on the side of the road.
  • Last Drop - Short Film
    Last Drop - Short FilmRoger is a lost soul mourning the loss of his father and well on his way to becoming an alcoholic when a disembodied voice confronts him at his local pub. At first the voice angers and confuses him but later comes to reconcile with him in order to change his ways and move on with his life. At its heart it is the story of a father and son and how we deal with loss. Currently in the final stages of post production
  • Newbie
    NewbieA novice burglar embarks on his first robbery only to discover that a more experienced thief has had the same idea.
Work history
    Development APSaGuarda Studios
    Park Rd, Forest Row RH18 5BX, UKFreelance
  • Production Management
  • Production Co-ordination
  • Production Budgets
  • Creative Production
  • Development Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Producing
  • Production Editing
  • Video Production
  • Research
    Media and CommunicationsUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos
     - Madrid, Spain