Jorge Hurtado

Jorge Hurtado

Fashion DesignerSpain
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Jorge Hurtado

Jorge Hurtado

Fashion DesignerSpain
About me
Since I discovered at an early age that Fashion design was –until then– my unconscious passion, it has taken the center and irradiate all aspects of my life. I would not realize the gift I had been given until I started illustrating my visions when I was 12 years old, driven by my endless curiosity and the need to create. The year I had the opportunity to travel abroad and first stablish my studies in Fashion completely made a positive change in me, learning the fundamentals of research and design, garment construction and line development, and even show management. When I moved to Spain, another field helped me deepen my social skills as well as making me understand the importance of group work. This is the case for Sport Sciences; while is not my main field, it is my life’s second crush, my hobby. Then, Fine Arts came into play, helping me refine my vision and better understand my surrounding. Here I expanded my abilities and learned new techniques related to Painting, Sculpture and Drawing –always leaning personal projects to my main field and remaining true to my vision– but most importantly, developing concepts based on intense research to assure their excellence, and learning how to successfully connect dots between ideation and production. ‘Wait, how is that your biggest goal is Fashion, then you studied Sports and now going to an Art school?’ a friend once asked me. I replied ‘Well, I just like being outside of the box, being versatile... if I want to learn about something I just go for it’ I am not afraid of the unknown, I am thirsty for deepening my knowledge, determined and committed to complementing it with whatever help makes it happen. I love technology and remain updated working with diverse design softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, SketchUp, ZBrush and CLO3D; expecting to manipulate many more due to their usefulness in achieving eye-catching results. The least thing I like is not doing anything, so you will likely find me either developing concepts and working on projects related to design (from fashion and spatial, to graphics and editorial), learning a new software, trying a new sculpting or draping technique, watching Netflix, paying my full attention to a podcast, or exercising and having a good time with my people.
  • Warprint: The Consequences of War on Society
    Warprint: The Consequences of War on SocietySince the beginning of humanity, war conflicts, motivated by various interests, have always been present. Throughout history, various events have triggered wars, some of which took up to a hundred years to end. The different wars between nations, and even populations and tribes, are based on achieving greater dominance of one over the other, and in which economic, power, ideological and / or territorial struggles end up causing innumerable damages. The breadth of the information regarding the d
  • Journey to El Cuerpo Inventado — P. I
    Journey to El Cuerpo Inventado — P. IThe day a went to this exhibition shown in Madrid I decided to take my time and keep alive the way I was looking at them, observing and analyzing the beauty, the game between light and shade; capturing scenes that display the way I envision space and all the elements related to it. Fascinated by the way they are positioned and how they communicate each other. Follow up and keep yourself updated, more content coming soon.
  • Concepts
  • Hand-pleated Canvas
    Hand-pleated Canvas
  • First seven gowns while at De Marcos Fashion Academy
    First seven gowns while at De Marcos Fashion Academy
  • The Mystery of Purple
    The Mystery of Purple
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Work history
    Graphic DesignerDe Marcos Fashion Academy
    Santa Barbara, United StatesFreelance
    Brochure design and website prototyping.
  • Fashion Design
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Draping
  • Graphic Design
  • Editorial Design
  • 3D Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Sketchup Vray
  • Zbrush
    Bachelor of Fine ArtsUniversidad de Sevilla
    Seville, Spain
    Strong program-acquiring skills at different subjects as Art History, Sculpting Techniques, Digital Arts, Theory and Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting, Photography and Video-Making, Installation Art and Perfomance, among other fields.
    Fashion DesignDe Marcos Fashion Academy
     - Santa Barbara, United States
    Intensive hands-on approach at Fashion Design skills and subjects as Pattern Drafting, Draping and Couture Techniques, Fashion Illustration and Body Proportion, and Show Management.
    Exhibition at 16º Certamen Crea Sevilla JovenAyuntamiento de Sevilla