Josephine Herfst

Josephine Herfst

Fashion StylistAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Josephine Herfst

Josephine Herfst

Fashion StylistAmsterdam, Netherlands
About me
My name is Josephine Herfst and I am a freelance fashion stylist currently based in Amsterdam. I have been doing styling for myself since August 2019 for real, I’ve done it before but never took it as serious as I have since then. In a short period of time I have done a lot of shoots with a lot of very amazing people who I love and trust to work with over and over again. I’ve met a lot of very interesting and beautiful people since I’ve started my Freelance career. When I was 18 years old I assisted a great stylist in The Netherlands, her name is Simone Dernee, we did shoots for some big dutch magazines like Linda Magazines, Elegance, Harpers, so on and so on. I was her assistant for about 6 months. After that I auditioned for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I got in and was super stoked about it. But after a year of very hard work I decided it wasn’t for me. I have so many interests and I wanted to figure that out first. I worked at restaurants since I was 15 aso I just continued that and tried to figure out what it is I wanted. Went to study Creative Business, which was very bad, but! The plus side was that I got back into styling, and it took me where I am today. Right now I’m in school for Music Management in Utrecht just cause I love music and the music business a lot and wanted to learn more about it. I’m interning at a record label called “Need Recordings” until February here in Amsterdam, after that I want to put a hold on my studies for a little while and broaden my horizon in London. I’d love to work somewhere where I’m being challenged in my creative mind and where I get to meet a lot of people. I of course want to keep on shooting and connect with people who’d like to work with me. Hit Me UP!
  • Shoot for Nelson Johnson
    Shoot for Nelson JohnsonI styled this shoot. I produced it together with Photographer Dwight Neville (@dwightneville) - Models: Brian Asante & Amaya Ogbondah (@amayaogbondah) - Makeup artist: Noah Indi van Kempen (@noahindimuah) - Hair stylist Lovia (@shemagicbeauty) - Styling by myself (@j.herfst) All the jeans are from @nelsonjohnson.ams
  • Napapijri Shoot
    Napapijri ShootMy amazing team consists of Model: Arantxa Oosterwolde (@arantxaoosterwolde on instagram) - Photographer: Yannick van Leeuwaarde (@nwac) and Makeup artist Noah Indi van Kempen (@noahindimuah) - Styling by myself (@j.herfst) We did this shoot with the brand Napapijri 's SS 2020 collection.
  • Jouer Studios Shoot Tote Bag Collection
    Jouer Studios Shoot Tote Bag CollectionI work closely with my friends at Jouer Studios (@jouerstudios on instagram) I produce, creative direct and style some of their shoots and this time I worked with the amazing team that consists of Model: Amaya Ogbondah (@amayaogbondah) - Photographer: Yannick van Leeuwaarde (@nwac) and Makeup Artist: Hanne Kelder (@hannekelder) - Styling by myself (@j.herfst) The bags are @jouerstudios
  • Press shoot rapper Noddy North
    Press shoot rapper Noddy NorthI styled a press shoot for dutch/american rapper Noddy North (@noddy.north) - Photography: Jonathan de Waart (@jonathandewaart) - Styling by myself (@j.herfst)
  • Shoot for She Magic Beauty
    Shoot for She Magic BeautyI styled this shoot for advertisement for Lovia (@shemagicbeauty) - she's a hairstylist. The teams consisted of Model: Priscilla Nicasia (@priscillanicasia) - Photographer Darnel Rozenblad (@rozegraphy) - Makeup Artist @keysartistryy - Hair by @shemagicbeauty - Styling by myself (@j.herfst)
  • Shoot Jouer Studios Backpacks Collection
    Shoot Jouer Studios Backpacks CollectionAnother shoot I produced and styled for Jouer Studios (@jouerstudios on instagram) The team consisted of Models: (instagrams) @yungdien_ - @mayahbr - @nolaveldhuis - @any.azen - Photographer: Desiree Schouteten (@dikkepretmarieantoinette) - Makeup and Hair by @annak.makeupartist - Styling by myself (@j.herfst)
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Projects credited in
  • Napapijri x SHO Sessions
    Napapijri x SHO SessionsSHO hosted an intimate session party in the Napapijri with Mahalia, Jevon, Mullally, Kate Stewart and Kida Kudz to close their month takeover of the store.
  • Napapijri x SHO Customisation Workshop
    Napapijri x SHO Customisation WorkshopTo celebrate the launch of Napapijri's Rainforest Campaign, SHO hosted a Rainforest customisation workshop inviting the public and their influential network to create a customised Rainforest jacket.
  • Napapijri x SHO Talk
    Napapijri x SHO TalkSHO brought together a panel of young designers to discuss the creative process and brand building, speakers included Ruth Peterson, Palmer Pouch, Eastwood Danso and Mikey Pearce.
  • StyleBook Year 1 (Amsterdam Fashion Institute)
    StyleBook Year 1 (Amsterdam Fashion Institute)
  • Napapijri x Bossy LDN
    Napapijri x Bossy LDNBossy LDN took over Napapijri's store throughout November, opening with an intimate gig with Poppy Ajudha, Oscar Worldpeace, AMA, Benny Mails and 303. Followed by a flower arranging workshop and real life talk with Emerald Rose Lewis, Helene Selam, Emma Marshall, Poppy Ajudha and Penny Belle. Ending their takeover in true Bossy LDN style with a party which saw Masterpeace, Mia Carucci, Jamo Beatz, Narx and Tommy Gold perform.
  • Napapijri Launch Party & After Party
    Napapijri Launch Party & After PartyTo celebrate the opening of Napapijri's Shoreditch High Street store and the launch of a 5 month event series we worked with Rinse FM to host a carnival warm-up street party and after party with, Belly Squad, Oneman, Kenny Allstar, Bok Bok, Jetsss, Jossy Mitsu, Candenza.
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Work history
    Fashion StylistMy self freelance
    Amsterdam, NetherlandsFreelance
    I have been a self taught fashion stylist for the past one and a half year. I've worked with multiple brands and different clients in the Amsterdam fashion industry.
  • Basic Indesign
  • Basic Photoshop
  • Creative Direction
  • Styling Direction
  • Styling Shoots
  • Editorial Styling
  • Adaptability
  • Creative Concepting
  • Creative Styling
    Music ManagementHerman Brood Academy
    Utrecht, Netherlands
    I am currently studying here and right now I am interning at a Music Record Label, I really like music and the music business so I was eager to learn more about it. I am looking to follow the rest of the year online from London though.
    Fashion BrandingAmsterdam Fashion Institute
     - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    I have only entered for one year, I think I was too young and just didn't know what I wanted back then. I have a lot of interests still but I know my heart lays with Fashion Styling and Editorials.