Julia Sterre Schmitz

Julia Sterre Schmitz

(Documentary) Filmmaker / photographerAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Julia Sterre Schmitz

Julia Sterre Schmitz

(Documentary) Filmmaker / photographerAmsterdam, Netherlands
About me
Julia Sterre Schmitz is an audiovisual artist. Her work can be explained as "documentary art", but in her practise she questions exactly this genre. Next to her own practise, she is a filmmaker and photographer in the commercial world. She makes photographs of bitterballen, shoes, whisky, people, but also after movies for festivals, behind the scenes video's and documentation video's for other artists. This combination of her own practise of documentary video and photography work and her freelance experience in the commercial work is just right, as her interest lies in the border of fiction and reality.
  • Come Here Come Here
    Come Here Come HereIn Come Here Come Here, which lends its title from the fingering technique to achieve a g-spot orgasm, Julia Schmitz takes you on a journey of discovery through the many theories and imagery concerning female sexual pleasure, a subject that has risen in popular culture; clitoris art and female ejaculation workshops are trending. But how to navigate through this flood of information that all present different truths? As a poetic manifesto for a more plural understanding of female sexuality, this
Projects credited in
  • FINDING ARTEMISIA / Un-Heroic Traditions Documentary
    FINDING ARTEMISIA / Un-Heroic Traditions DocumentaryA film created by Julia Schmitz that charts the creation of a series of new artworks by Fine Artist Luisa-Maria MacCormack (founder of the Big Art Herstory Project www.bigartherstoryproject.com). The large-scale drawings are inspired by the works of Artemisia Gentileschi, and the process of creating them is closely collaborative, with Artist and model being equally engaged and vital in the works from beginning to end. Thanks are due to Esther Bunting for her unwavering bravery, creativity and a
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    Visual Anthropology
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
     - The Hague, Netherlands