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Juliana Futter

Freelance illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Juliana Futter

Freelance illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Juliana Futter is an illustrator and animator currently based in London. A graduate from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Visual Communication, Juliana works both freelance individually and is also a part of creative duo, "My Wife and I".
  • Ambit MagazineThis triptych was based on the winner of Ambit issue 35's drugs and creative writing competition from 1968, Trip Tick. The short story follows a psychedelics fuelled descriptive word flow about their ex-wives, which I then shaped into a visual narrative over the three images. Trip Tick is extremely detailed (including one full page of their sexual preferences listed) and I used visual cues to insinuate the drug use, time period and location in small features within the illustration. I looked to
  • My Wife and IMy Wife & I is a studio comprising of the collaborative work of Ruta Zukaite and Juliana Futter. They produce work in mediums such as animation and film to graphic design and illustration work. Their clients include NHS Organ Donation programme, Union Chapel, and the London African Music Festival as well as exhibition work.
  • EditorialA selection of published editorial work
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    MARoyal College of Art
     - London, United Kingdom
    Masters in Visual Communication
    BAUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA in Graphic and Media Design
    Graduate of the yearIt's Nice That