Kaj Jefferies

Kaj Jefferies

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Kaj Jefferies

Kaj Jefferies

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Kaj Jefferies is a director, filmmaker, photographer & designer currently based in London. Operating somewhere between documentary, fashion, music, and art, London-based director and photographer Kaj Jefferies' creates work that is raw, tactile and for the most part shot on film. Her films have a dreamy and ethereal style while holding a cinematic and authentic feeling.
  • Stella McCartney Kids Campaign
    Stella McCartney Kids Campaign
  • WeTransfer Presents Work In Progress: Lykke Li
    WeTransfer Presents Work In Progress: Lykke Li“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who rebuilt herself.” In our third episode of Work in Progress we focus our lens on the intriguing Lykke Li. The Swedish singer-songwriter rose to fame with her 2011 song I Follow Rivers and sold out stadiums across the world. Right now though, Lykke finds herself in a storm of emotions—she lost her longtime love, and her mom passed away just as she became a mother herself. It’s an overwhelming moment in her life as she tries to navigate pain, grie
  • BOYS
    BOYSA tender portrait of young British men confronts our ever-changing ideas of masculinity. What makes a man? To answer this question, London-based directorial duo Kaj Jefferies and Rosie Matheson shot this raw and unfiltered Super8 portrait to provide insight into British youth and their experiences of gender identity in the modern world. Revealing what lies behind the facade, their film challenges our socially prescribed preconceptions of traditional maleness.
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Projects credited in
  • adidas Originals x Danielle Cathari
    adidas Originals x Danielle CathariContent direction & commisioning
  • CREPE CITY issue 03
    CREPE CITY issue 03Walt "Clyde" Frazier • Bobbito Garcia • Christian Tressor • Edson Sabajo • Careaux • Jon Tang • The Snobette • Sophia Chang • Gary Warnett • Maha • Pam Pam • Leila Fataar • Mubi Ali • Bruno Drummond • David Hellqvist • Nellie Eden
  • CREPE CITY issue 04
    CREPE CITY issue 04Ronnie Fieg • Dave White • Round Two • Gary Aspden • Robert Brookes • Guillaume Philibert • Lalla Boudmagh • Angus Wardlaw • Moritz Hoelmueller • Sanne Poeze • Ross Wilson • Will Robson-Scott • Gary Warnett • India Rose • Alex de Mora • Bruno Drummond • Theo Cottle • Charlotte Moss • David Hellqvist • Gregk Foley • Laura McCluskey • Megan Ann Wilson
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    Graphic DesignUniversity of Brighton
     - Brighton, United Kingdom