Kate Villevoye

Kate Villevoye

Freelance FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kate Villevoye

Kate Villevoye

Freelance FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kate Villevoye is a Dutch director/producer based in London, previously working as a filmmaker for i-D Magazine and Dazed & Confused. Her work has been broadcast on i-D, VICELAND, Dazed and Channel 4 amongst others. Most recently, her documentary short Marina premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January. Previously, Kate has worked on the Lovie Award-nominated Beyond Beauty series presented by Grace Neutral - which after release was taken on as the first episode of VICELAND's Pins and Needles where it became one of the TV channel's most watched films. In 2017, she worked as development producer of the 40-minute documentary Out Of This World with Mykki Blanco, which aimed to shine a light on queer creativity in Johannesburg. At i-D, Kate has also produced most of the episodes of the 'Global Street Style' series, uncovering stories from around the world that lie at the intersection of youth culture and politics. Kate worked as series researcher of the UKMVA-nominated Dazed x Channel 4 series Music Nation, which celebrated music subcultures from across the UK and aired weekly on Channel 4.
  • 12.15
    12.15During the first month of lockdown here in London I called Lynn, an 86-year-old comedian and a new friend, to see how she was coping isolating by herself. We started exchanging thoughts on a daily basis, which gradually formed the foundation of an intimate bond between two women of entirely different generations.
    MARINAAn unfiltered portrait of adolescence with a blind internet sensation. Short documentary, premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and is now live on Nowness. Nowness press release: With over 21,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, Marina Katarina Kovac—a blind 13-year-old internet personality from The Netherlands—wants to show the world what visually impaired people are capable of. “The journey to adulthood is a strange time and Marina gives us an immediate look at her li
  • The A-Z of UK NOW
    The A-Z of UK NOWIn response to Brexit: a celebration of grassroots activism and creativity across the UK.
  • i-D Meets Rina Sawayama
    i-D Meets Rina Sawayama
  • Out Of This World - Mykki Blanco in Johannesburg
    Out Of This World - Mykki Blanco in JohannesburgHosted by musician Mykki Blanco, Out of This World meets a diverse group of performers and creators in Johannesburg — exploring the queer scene they have carved out for themselves in South Africa’s biggest city. Role: Development Producer
  • i-D Global Street Style: Kiev
    i-D Global Street Style: KievFollowing a country-wide revolution, i-D produced a documentary about youth culture in Ukraine's capital Kiev to meet the country's younger generations and explore how nightlife and creativity come to play an important role in their lives. Celebrating how crisis can breed creativity, the 15-minute documentairy aimed to provide an understanding of what it's like to grow up in a country undergoing a revolution with a specific focus on youth culture and creativity. Responsible for originating and
Projects credited in
  • DeepMind / AI by you
    DeepMind / AI by youDeepMind believes that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies ever created, but only if it's made right. Made by a community with diverse hopes, values, and concerns. That includes people from underrepresented groups (including women). But these people often decide not to pursue further education in the field because they can't see themselves represented and don't think it's for them. The 'AI by you' campaign was launched to reach out to prospective scholars and show
  • The Face - 6 Figure Gang
    The Face - 6 Figure GangEach member of 6 Figure Gang – Jossy Mitsu, Dobby, FAUZIA, Sherelle, LCY and Yazzus – brings their distinctive musical personality the UK collective. But they share a passion in high-energy club music, and they find strength in collective action. As 6 Figure Gang blew up in 2019, The Face followed the DJs, producers, radio hosts and labelheads as they caused sonic havoc in on tour dates in London, Berlin and Norwich. Directed by Kate Villevoye
  • The Sisterhood of Francis Road
    The Sisterhood of Francis Road"This has brought life back to a little community" — meet the women of Francis Road, the street with the highest concentrations of female business owners in London. Shop local! Thank you to; Marmelo Kitchen, Edie Rose, Ella Pop Shop, Phlox Books, Pause, Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery, Sewing and alterations services
  • Music Nation: Dazed x Channel 4
    Music Nation: Dazed x Channel 4Music Nation, a series on Channel 4, looking at cult scenes that have defined British music.
  • Born To: Pushing Human Endurance to the Limit in the World of Freediving
    Born To: Pushing Human Endurance to the Limit in the World of FreedivingTAG Heuer and Amuse present Born To, a three-part series about extreme sports. In this first instalment, we follow world champion freediver Stig Pryds and marine biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsay on a journey deep beneath the surface of the North Pacific Ocean. Freediving is an extreme sport unlike any other. The bottomless pursuit sees divers descend metres beneath the surface of the ocean. Divers rely on their breath holding abilities and dare to push body and mind further and further with every dive.
  • Mykki Blanco - Out of This World
    Mykki Blanco - Out of This WorldOut Of This World, a new i-D documentary series, journeys with American rapper and activist Mykki Blanco as he explores queer culture in Johannesburg. Captured intimately in an experimental hybrid-documentary by director Matt Lambert, Mykki meets boundary pushing artists Umilio and FAKA, designer Rich Mnisi and Bradley and Nkulsey, a model and dancer of the 'Born Free' generation - all using their platforms to give a voice to issues surrounding the politics of their sexuality, gender, identity a
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