Katerina Demetriou-Jones

Katerina Demetriou-Jones

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Katerina Demetriou-Jones

Katerina Demetriou-Jones

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am an experimental Illustrator based in London, working with a variety of mediums which include printing, drawing, painting, collaging and animation.
  • The Oval Courtyard
    The Oval CourtyardThis scene references many artworks: Remedios Varo’s Tailleur Pour Dames where one of the characters drinks from a tray attached to her outfit; Vegetarian Vampires in which a character drinks from a rose; Maria Medem’s warm, dreamy illustrations influenced the colour choices and Lia Lapithi’s food-related art pieces inspired the long dining table. The courtyard characters make clothes work for them and unapologetically wear and do what they want, regardless of gender binaries.
  • The Dapper Pillow Suite
    The Dapper Pillow SuiteThe suite character contemplates whether to get ready and go down to the Courtyard. She’s so comfy! The song I do by Cardi B ft. SZA influenced the name of this image, using the word dapper in an androgynous way instead of just for men. The interior design and symmetry of the yellow scene from Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited influenced the composition here, as well as the attention to detail in The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • The Marquise Bathroom
    The Marquise BathroomThis is an exaggerated take on womxn’s toilets. Oh the wonders that happen here. Cass Bird’s bathroom series for VOGUE at the 2016 Met Gala inspired the candid poses here, as well as Deana Lawson’s beautiful use of symbolism in her photo series of Rihanna for GARAGE magazine in 2018 and Laura Callaghan’s illustrations. These images prompted me to conduct a photoshoot of my family getting ready which further influenced my final pieces!
  • The Teardrop Pear Beauty Parlour
    The Teardrop Pear Beauty ParlourSamuel Fosso’s vibrant self-portraits influenced the colour and outfit choices here, as well as the fashion of musicians Prince, Freddie Mercury, Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean. Remedios Varo’s Vegetable Cathedral and Discovery of a Mutant Geologist along with Hedy Lamarr's inventing table inspired the alchemical, magical objects. Frida Kahlo’s Henry Ford Hospital impacted the extracting of nail varnish from the vines, illustrating the idea of everything going in a cycle and working together.
  • The Round Lobby
    The Round LobbyThe idea for the check-in desk as a moving cart came from Remedios Varo’s Roulotte which features a house-like structure on wheels and the different compartments were influenced by Varo’s Unsubmissive Plant. Again, everything is tailored to fit the character’s specific needs. Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas influenced the stance of the concierge, as well as women wearing suits (previously typically a garment for males) such as Las Pachucas in the 1940s.
  • A Galaxy of Her Own
    A Galaxy of Her OwnAn illustration for Penguin Random House's book 'A Galaxy of Her Own' written by Libby Jackson. The book tells stories of inspirational women in space, from scientists to astronauts. This was designed for the last page of the book; depicting how the first person on Mars could definitely be a female astronaut.
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Projects credited in
  • DIFFRNT: Art Jam in the Park
    DIFFRNT: Art Jam in the ParkA commission to create a promotional image for DIFFRNT ART's (now Art Paths) Art Jam in the Park event - an outdoor music and painting event. This was a co-created illustration, with myself on character design and Katerina Demetriou-Jones on environment design.
  • Art Jam (Afrofuturism theme)
    Art Jam (Afrofuturism theme)After a successful debut in April DIFFЯNT is back again with another Art Jam in BeatBox! Art Jam is London’s best live art and exhibition experience where guests can create artwork next to London’s best emerging visual artists, this time around the theme is Afrofuturism.
  • Art Jam (Rhythm  & Grime theme)
    Art Jam (Rhythm & Grime theme)We turned Boxpark Shoreditch's BeatBox into a live art party with a twist! The event featured spotlighted emerging visual artists and some of the biggest tunes R&G from the amazing DJ N.E. Girl. This event was sponsored by the Shoreditch based art supplier GreatArt and artists on the night included Host Denieka, DJ N.E. Girl from Conceited Sounds and visual artists Bethany Mellor, Cole Holder, Djofry Makumbu, Jada Bruney, Kourtney Paul and Ruby See.
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