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Katie Christian

BA (hons) Furniture London, United Kingdom
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Katie Christian

BA (hons) Furniture London, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, I am a self-proclaimed furniture pervert originating from the exotic Isle of Man. I want to get my foot in the door of the furniture industry, preferably buying, designing or upholstery (in that order). I spend hours trawling through the internet and magazines, going to design expo's and showrooms to look for furniture, so I might as well be getting paid for it. I am truly passionate about furniture and other interior products and have a good knowledge of designers and manufacturers and I keep up to date on trends. Overall I am a very practical, energetic and jolly person, I love being busy and I want to find a purpose in life. So please hire me.
  • Collaboration2 day collaboration with Alexander Rose (former room mate), when we were in need of some extra furniture for the house.
  • Ercol
  • Robin Day Foundation
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    BA (hons) FurnitureNational School of Furniture
     - High Wycombe, United Kingdom