Keriesha W-D

Projects and Events ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Keriesha W-D

Projects and Events ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Bauer Academy's This is Me:Creative London
    Bauer Academy's This is Me:Creative LondonThis is Me: Creative London, is a unique opportunity for people to step inside one of the world’s biggest and brightest media companies for an exciting free training experience. Designed by leading academics and industry professionals, this training has been built to take people places! This is Me: Creative London, provides work based learning, support, and mentoring to progress people into jobs and apprenticeships. Training is immersed in Bauer Media, a leading multimedia company, and connects
Projects credited in
  • GirlsIRate  Songwritting Weekender 2018
    GirlsIRate Songwritting Weekender 2018Currently an A&R for GirlsIRate worked on this campaign that handled the listening side of things for the songwriting weekender - Scouting new female talent - Online social media engagement - Mail outs and general administrative work for projects - Listening to and shortlisting demo submissions
    UNLEASHEDCapital Xtra Unleashed - Music Potential 2018
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