Kermit Pool

Kermit Pool

Business Development ManagerUnited States
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Kermit Pool

Kermit Pool

Business Development ManagerUnited States
  • Ryabe Reviews {May} Is This website Legit Or Scam?
    Ryabe Reviews {May} Is This website Legit Or Scam?What is Ryabe? Ryabe is an internet shopping space that offers a wide assortment of ladies' garments, for example, Tops, easygoing dresses, two-piece sets, sweaters, and each season's dresses with popular styles. Be that as it may, need to affirm Is Ryabe Reviews Legit or not. Every one of the items are accessible in-store at sensible costs. Area guarantees its client about the item quality. Pros of Ryabe • It is SSL confirmed space, • The store offers present day and popular ladies' garments
Projects credited in
  • A Chance Encounter
    A Chance EncounterThis is a collection of images I made for the re-mixes of Chance the rapper songs I produce and publish on youtube. You an find the collection here:
  • Big Brother's voice
    Big Brother's voiceon 432hz; while at SCA we were asked to make graphics that reflected on the past week of learning. This is the graphic I made after the class got a severe bollocking for a job half-done. note: 432 hz is thought to be a healing frequency.
  • 4 new poems
    4 new poemsIn celebration of Chance the rapper's short album, '4 new songs' put together this short collection of spoken word poems. Each is dedicated to someone important in my life and displays the full span of my creative abilities. This includes: writing, recording, producing, sound editing, photography, photo editing, video production, video editing and publishing.
  • 4/4
    4/4First 4 freelance designs done in 2015 for clients on
  • Testing, testing; 1-2-3
    Testing, testing; 1-2-3As my abilities in photoshop began to improve back in late 2016, these images were a challenge to myself to create something outside of my usual comfort zone.
  • Valentines Day
    Valentines DayA promotional Valentines Day illustration & animation for Fiverr Int. Fiverr approached me for an illustration to be a part of their funny and alternative Valentines Day card collection. I created an animated GIF to be used as an e-card, to be easily shared with loved ones (in case you forgot to buy something!).
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