Keyla Aufrichtig

Keyla Aufrichtig

Visual Communication DesignerCape Town, South Africa
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Keyla Aufrichtig

Keyla Aufrichtig

Visual Communication DesignerCape Town, South Africa
About me
I am very fortunate to have two degrees - an Undergraduate Degree in a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design from Stellenbosch University, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of Cape Town. Visual Communication Design comprised of applying creative thinking, artistic expression, and efficient problem-solving to communicate an effective design and/or brand. Throughout my Entrepreneurship Diploma, I was given the liberty to apply this to my start-up, Outpost, that aimed to bridge the gap between South Africa’s township service market and the equally -talented, but more opportunity-blessed mass market. Both these degrees allowed me to develop my passion to design for sustainability and societal change, but also understand the importance of communication and participation within, not only my own local community, but my surrounding ones too. By imersing myself into these communities and cultures, I have made better informed design-related decisions to represent or attract a specific client or target audience. I am a conscientious, independent taskwoman, but also function well and resourcefully in leadership roles. I feel that quite often there is a misconception of the “type” of person that is a leader. I am not the Hollywood-derived big, bold and brash leader who confuses influence with manipulation. But rather, I like to lead quietly and by example. I don’t need to command the spotlight to lead, as I am confident that my dogged determination, resolute optimism and hard work will inspire others to make more rational, productive and meaningful decisions. Here, I see the value of combining skill-sets, talents, and strengths to collaborate to take things to the next level.
  • Fathima
    FathimaWe were tasked to monotype the feeling we got when meeting and interviewing a trader we met at the Stellenbosch Taxi Rank, we then had to, using our monotypes, brand our individual.
  • Rosa Brand
    Rosa BrandWe were tasked to brand a classmate. I got partnered with Rosa Brand, a girl stuck between tradition and the modern world. The design was inspired by her love and appreciation for her Ouma's crotchet, combined with technology and pixels.
  • Urb T-Shirt Packaging
    Urb T-Shirt PackagingAn eco-friendly, 100% compostable and recyclable t-shirt packaging for pairs made from dried lilly leaves.
  • Outpost
    OutpostA start-up aimed at brining exposure to previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs and small businesses in Cape Town.
  • Ispotto
    IspottoI designed wireframes for a potential child's mobile 'eye-spy' application.
  • Paired
    PairedWe were tasked to create and eco-friendly packaging for a pear.
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Work history
    WaitressWilloughby and Company
    Cape Town, South AfricaFull Time
    Full time-waitress at highly acclaimed seafood and sushi restaurant based in the V&A Waterfront. The Corona Virus however has affected the industry and the restaurant is currently experiencing changes affecting all staff.
    Furniture Buyer and DesignerWeylandts
     - Cape Town, South AfricaInternship
    Worked under Anna Weylandt, head Furniture Buyer at Weylandts. I got to sit in on meetings, seasonal presentations, budgeting meetings, product design development and quality control. I also got to design a cinema concept for Black Brick, a real-estate development company in Johannesburg, as well as organise and prepare presentations for Anna.
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  • Illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Packaging Design
  • Branding Design
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Wix Websites
  • Stationary Design
  • Fine Art
  • Editorial Design
    Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management University of Cape Town
     - Cape Town, South Africa
    Launched in 1993, the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship was the first of its kind in South Africa. Since then it has continued to deliver an innovative entrepreneurship-focussed curriculum aimed to equip young graduates with the skills requisite of a changing and challenging business environment. Its entrepreneurial focus is driven primarily by an action-learning based philosophy whereby, in groups of six or seven, students start up and run their own businesses for the duration of the academic year. These are real entrepreneurial businesses, involving real money. Through this process students come to locate their authentic inner voices, learn to be proactive and begin to take on the practice of artistry. These are all constituent parts of the entrepreneurial mindset, a construct better discovered than taught. Collaborative learning accrues therefore through a host of participants including lecturers, facilitators, volunteer-businessmen and women including past Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship graduates, and, most importantly, the students themselves.
    BA Visual Communication DesignStellenbosch University
     - Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Studying Visual Communication Design at Stellenbosch University offers an environment that allows for the exchange of ideas and cross-fertilisation between different art forms, disciplines, departments and faculties on campus. As visual communication design is involved in all aspects of our lifeworlds these surroundings create a rich and rewarding learning experience. The VCD curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following broad fields: Typography Visual narrative and storytelling Branding Bookmaking and bookbinding Digital production Web design Motion graphics Photography & video Sustainable design Inclusive design
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