Kiron Jones

Product ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kiron Jones

Product ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • When organ donation meets religion | Wellcome/Mosaic Science | Erin Aniker Illustration
    When organ donation meets religion | Wellcome/Mosaic Science | Erin Aniker Illustration
  • Together Science Can
    Together Science CanA website to encourage the international community of scientific researchers to come together and take action against problematic measures that would impact their work (e.g., Brexit, changes in international legislation...). As principal UX, I led the user research, facilitated workshops with stakeholders to gather requirements, translated insights into wireframes, created clickable prototypes and conducted usability testing. https://togethersciencecan.org/
  • War and Medicine
    War and MedicineThe book War and Medicine accompanied an exhibition at the Welcome Trust which sought to understand the complex relationship between medical advances and armed conflict. I was the chief academic researcher for this book and sourced firsthand accounts and personal stories from numerous sources across London’s libraries and archives.
  • Threads and Yarns
    Threads and YarnsThreads and Yarns was an intergenerational project in 2011with Central Saint Martins BA Textiles, University College London and Wellcome Trust. I collaborated with Jo Morrison, (CSM) Rebecca Hoyes (CSM) and Anne Marr (CSM) . The project was originated by the Wellcome Trust and lead by Central Saint Martins to celebrate the Wellcome Trust’s 75th anniversary focusing on personal accounts of the NHS over the last 75 years. Oral testimonies of encounters before and after the establishment of the
  • Student Mental Health workshops
    Student Mental Health workshopsWorking with a group of 11 students from BA Graphic Design (Manchester School of Art) through a series of workshops I devised to explore their experiences of mental health whilst at university. After a discussion, the artworks were co-created between each student and myself through drawing conversations about a range of issues that came up. This project was a commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to illustrate Anna Lewis’ article about the student mental health crisis, published on Mosaic Science
  • Harmonics of Mind - Exploring Psychedelia
    Harmonics of Mind - Exploring PsychedeliaThe performance is rooted in a experimental recordings of the brain waves from a study of a volunteers undergoing a psilocybin experience. Using novel technologies, Senscapes have translated the brain waves of one participant into a 30-minute immersive audio-visual experience. The audience are taken through the psilocybin trip as lead by their biological and phenomenological narrative.
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