Kon Queso

Kon Queso

Art director & photographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kon Queso

Kon Queso

Art director & photographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My art and work is influenced by people and different cultures, bringing perspectives or concepts that are often not explored in the creative industry; within my practice I have developed different disciplines, such as photography, film making, clothing and furniture design, music events planning and many more. While learning new skills and exploring my interests, I have spent a lot of time working inside the industry, gaining on-site experience and studying practices such as graphic design and art direction. It’s been 4 years of my creative journey, and I feel like there is so much more to learn and many opportunities to catch
  • "FootPop & Footpop Halftime Cover art"
    "FootPop & Footpop Halftime Cover art"2 Album cover artworks that I designed and shot myself
  • "Barking it in Barking"
    "Barking it in Barking"A shoot experimenting with lighting and background.
  • West Way
    West WayA small test shoot with a sample hoodie for a brand
  • "Abs not hilly fields"
    "Abs not hilly fields"
  • "Babylon BBQ"
    "Babylon BBQ"A shoot based around an estate that refines the confinement of Babylon brutalism
  • Chambers of reflection
    Chambers of reflectionA short story of a young man trap with thoughts and I used photography as the medium to present this... The full shoot is on my Instagram @queso.studio
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  • Photo Editing
  • Photography
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  • Video Creation
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  • Storytelling
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  • Articulate Storyline
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    Design and Art DirectionLondon College of Communication, UAL
    London, United Kingdom