Laura Blight

Laura Blight

Photographer & Visual Artist / Freelance Producer / Part-time LecturerLondon, United Kingdom
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Laura Blight

Laura Blight

Photographer & Visual Artist / Freelance Producer / Part-time LecturerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a photographer/visual artist, freelance producer and PT lecturer from Essex, living and working in London. Traces left by human activity are recurring themes throughout my practice, exploring the tension between the familiar and unknown in domestic environments. In October 2020 I was selected for a group show titled ‘My House is an Island’ organised by University of the Arts collective 'Arthaus' alongside 30 international artists. In 2019 I exhibited my photographic series 'House Clearances' in a show titled ‘Home Sweet Home’ at the Arles International Festival of Photography in France. The exhibition featured 30 artists including Martin Parr, Juno Calypso and Anna Fox. My photographic works ‘Residue’ were exhibited last year at the Pingyao Photography Festival in China in an exhibition titled 'Beyond The Camera'. In February 2021 I started a new part-time lecturer role at Norwich University of the Arts working with 2nd year students on the BA Photography course. I have extensive experience commissioning photographers, from small editorial shoots to large advertising campaigns at Saatchi & Saatchi (Sydney), The&Partnership and photography agencies including Making Pictures and Concrete. Although I specialise in print and stills production I also work across digital, illustration and animation. I believe my particular blend of teaching, industry and photographic experience give me a unique perspective and greater depth of knowledge of contemporary professional practice which can be shared. I am available for commissions and collaborations!
  • Creative Elephant
    Creative ElephantIn March - October 2020, I helped to run a local engagement project called Creative Elephant at University of the Arts London - a celebration of the galleries, theatres, creative education and much more all based in the Southwark community. Initially, it was going to be a Summer showcase connecting to London College of Communications’ 2nd year degree shows however, due to the impact of Covid 19, this fast tracked another ambition, to transform the current Creative Elephant programme into a more
  • FORM
    FORMTransforming the future of fashion Our Vision: "We are a sustainable clothing charity bringing communities together to recycle, up-cycle and exchange pre-loved clothes. Our portable ‘pop-up’ shop and online platform create a space for sharing skills, resources and discussion around sustainable clothing. We collaborate with designers to create seasonal collections from pre-loved clothes. We host exhibitions, talks and installations to educate people and raise awareness of the un-sustainable pr
  • Residue Studies (2019)
    Residue Studies (2019)Residue Studies (2019) are hand-made paper works incorporating domestic dust that I have collected from different sources including my own family home. The process of sourcing, collecting and assembling the material is a personal ritual connecting me to the mystery of past events. Printed onto the paper are close-up digital photographs of skin photographed by artist Lucas Gabellini Fava in a recent collaboration project titled 'Collective Strategies'. In The Senses are Still (1996), anthropol
    UPROOTEDUPROOTED features six female artists from different cultural backgrounds working with a distinctly diverse approach: photography, installation pieces and works on paper. The unexpected fusion of each artist's practice leads to a metaphorical understanding of the concept uprooted. The exhibition celebrates the not-yet possibilities when something or someone is rooted out from its familiar location.
  • Dust Cave
    Dust CaveDust Cave seeks to explore the intervention between manmade and natural environments transforming everyday, mundane spaces into one of uncertain beauty. Central to these works are the use of staged and naturally occurring domestic dust to indicate time passing. References of decay and disgust question ideas of our existence and mortality as shrubbery takes on new life forms in an abandoned caravan, drawing on themes of the anthropocene.
  • House Clearances
    House ClearancesInspired by the unseen, I have produced a series of interior photographs on the subject of British House Clearances. In the majority of cases the owner or tenant of the property has passed away, leaving only traces of human occupation behind. The emptiness of the rooms plays a significant role in evoking a strange liminal space, one that is in-between habitual use. Orphaned objects and discarded furniture compose themselves as melancholy still lifes, depicting a subtle tension between object and
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Projects credited in
  • FORM
    FORMThis project was developed over 3-4 days during this year's edition of Modual: Open Futures. FORM is a flexible charity pop-up shop. Its aim is to shift people's attitudes towards sustainable fashion and promote an inclusive fashion community.
Work history
    Part-time LecturerNorwich University of the arts
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Part-time Lecturer - BA Photography (Year 2)
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Freelance ProducerUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Producing x3 Brand shoots for Royal Mail with ex BA Photography students (x2 days per week in September/October 2019)
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  • Creative Producer
  • Shoot Production
  • Art Buying
  • Digital Production
  • Integrated Producer
  • Picture Research
  • Photo Assisting
  • 35mm Film Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • Libraries
    University for the Creative Arts logo
    University for the Creative Arts logo
    PGCert in Creative EducationUniversity for the Creative Arts
    London, United Kingdom
    The Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Education will enable me to develop creative confidence as an educational professional. Drawing on extensive experience and specialised scholarship in creative education, the course provides the knowledge and skills to build a creative teaching practice and make more confident judgements regarding teaching, learning and assessment. Successful completion of the course will allow me to be recognised as an Associate Fellow (unit 1) or Fellow (unit 2) of the Higher Education Academy. I also hope to develop my own workshops in professional practice going forwards.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Master of Arts in PhotographyUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
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