Liam Joseph-Beckles

Liam Joseph-Beckles

Podcast CuratorBristol, United Kingdom
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Liam Joseph-Beckles

Liam Joseph-Beckles

Podcast CuratorBristol, United Kingdom
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I'm Liam and I'm the Curator & Host of 'Creative Conversations' a collection of creative conversations, with photographers, artists, film makers and generally people within the creative industry, speaking about their work and experiences that have got them to where they're today. I've been planning this for quite a few years now, as I think it's an amazing thing to be a part of. I would say the main inspiration for wanting to create this is, creating a platform for creatives to express their identity and share stories for others to hear and learn. I'm always looking to collaborate and interview more people, so don't hesitate to contact me!
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  • 005 - Megan Wheatley
    005 - Megan WheatleyMegan’s work follows in the footsteps of the abstract expressionists, in the sense that she paints to leave a piece of her unconscious in every painting. She does this by painting on a large, human-like scale and uses gestural mark making and written word to express her emotions and thoughts. Megan’s paintings are an insight into her mind, and she strives to feel completely truthful and connected to her work. Her work is about releasing and capturing emotion and the process of making the work is
  • 004 - Jack Groves
    004 - Jack GrovesIn this very special episode , I am joined by Jack Groves, 22-years-old mixed-race, London born with global roots. Currently working as a Social Media assistant and Diversity Representative for a new dating app 'BARE Dating'. Also a content writer for 'Catch21', freelance journalist, and monthly commissioner for LGBTQ+ magazine 'Scene Magazine'. As a gay writer, his work largely focuses on LGBTQ+ matters, BLM, arts and culture, and social impact. Jack has a background in Musical Theatre and Aer
  • 001 - Mary Waters
    001 - Mary WatersMary Waters is a Wales born, Bristol based singer, songwriter, photographer and multi-instrumentalist. Her two self recorded, produced and mixed singles 'Without Me' and 'Aftermath' act as a promising foundation for the 20 year old artist’s career. Both tracks use beat-driven, rich sonic landscapes paired with smooth vocals to tell personal stories about navigating change. The music she heard during long car rides growing up have had a large influence on her sound - these are artists such as Are
  • 002 - Mimi Spendiff
    002 - Mimi SpendiffMimi Spendiff, Visual artist and Photographer based in Kent and Bristol. Her work explores conceptual themes that incorporate linear light, texture and movement to investigate contexts such as mental health and memory. By using various mediums such as Photography, Film and Sculpture, the work engages with abstract concepts and responses to the human condition, influenced by personal interests in conceptual themes. At the core of each project and concept is an interest in how art and visual expre
  • 003 - Stefan Hanegraaf
    003 - Stefan HanegraafStefan Hanegraaf is portrait photographer from London with an unrelenting drive to create and explore, with a love for storytelling and dogs. He also makes pieces of wall art out of polaroid’s that he cuts up. During the episode we discuss his journey into becoming a portrait photographer, his recent lockdown project "Salvaged Polaroids", and experiences working with people in a studio setting. Instagram: @stefan.g.hanegraaf Website:
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    BA(Hons) PhotographyUniversity of the West of England
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    Graduated with Upper Second Class Honours (2:1)