Lindsey Daniella

Lindsey Daniella

Fine artistLondon, United Kingdom
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Lindsey Daniella

Lindsey Daniella

Fine artistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a fine artist with 8 years experience in arts, from London and I work in the medium of oil paints. My work is to glorify and praise the beauty of blackness, exploring culture and traditions whilst painting black people within a different view as to how traditional art m, subjects black figures to slaves. My artwork praises the beauty of different shades of black, whilst creating a new dystopia, that black people can live a luxurious, happy life despite the oppression we are subjected to by society.
  • Oshun
    OshunOshun, the Goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, exudes a captivating aura due to her association with fresh, flowing water. The backdrop of blue and yellow provides an inviting atmosphere, enabling Oshun to spread her energy throughout her environment. She is portrayed in an uplifting pose, with the sun's rays glimmering off her skin and giving her a luminous golden luster. The image of a peacock to the left of Oshun underscores her remarkable transformation—she shifted from human form to p
  • Asase Yaa-Mother nature
    Asase Yaa-Mother natureAsase yaa is the mother of Nature and fertility as celebrated by the Ashanti people of Ghana. She is an omnipotent energy in which harvests life to her surroundings and nurtures the presence of living things. Asase Yaa, is pictured in an opening of a forest surrounded by the fruit of her fertility in which nature is growing around her. Whilst painting my interpretation of ‘ Asase yaa’ I wanted to embody a female of high power and divine energy radiating into her surroundings. Insta:Lindseyda_ar
  • Ashanti Queens
    Ashanti QueensMy new painting celebrates the beauty of different shades of Melanin. The women in the painting are all from Ghanaian heritage hence the pattern. I decided to push myself and creat my very own characters from scratch, which was very challenging, but happy with the finished piece. I decided to give my characters names, based on my Ghanaian culture. From left to right: Effie,Adwoa and Ohema.
  • Commissioned portrait painting
    Commissioned portrait paintingCommissioned portrait painting for a clients birthday
  • Saweetie
    SaweetieOil portrait painting of Saweetie(celebrity)
  • Flowered Melanin
    Flowered MelaninSignifies the beauty of melanin with the flowers creating an aesthetic look. I decided to push myself, and create a character of my own, in order for my work to be original.
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Work history
    NUA x DESIGN logo
    NUA x DESIGN logo
    Showcasing art ( pop up)NUA x DESIGN
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I worked alongside NuxaDesign in a pop- up event, showcasing my art as female artist.
    TikTok logo
    TikTok logo
    Freelancer( paid commission)TikTok
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    For Black history month 2021 I was commissioned by tiktok to create artwork in celebration of black content creators on tiktok and had to create a painting similar to my style incorporating TikToks, logo
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    LLB Law and CriminologyThe University of Hertfordshire
    Hatfield, United Kingdom
    Gcse / AlevelMoulsham High School
    GCSE -A* A level art- B