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Lucinda Pender

Technology TechnicianLondon, United Kingdom
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Lucinda Pender

Technology TechnicianLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Having studied MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, London, I am an ambitious and creative individual who is experienced in managing and co-ordinating various events and exhibitions alongside exhibiting my own work. I have developed a strong visual language and eye for detail that defies expectation and challenges the norm. In my spare time, I continue to build my own design practice, focusing on the use of craft, science and technology to reimagine and inspire futures. I am now looking to establish my career in events and exhibitions, using my design experience to convey visions and capture the imagination of an audience. I know that I can be a valuable asset with great potential to an events team and know the hard work, patience and communication that is essential for making an event memorable.
Work history
    Technology TechnianBury Council
    Bury, United KingdomFull Time
    The key responsibilities for my role as Technology technician include; - Stock checking, ordering materials, contacting suppliers to negotiate the best quote. - Check, unpack and sign for any delivered orders. - Undertake routine or non routine maintenance when necessary on machinery including woodworking machines, hand tools, power tools and a laser cutter. - Ensure all health and safety practices are adhered to, providing a safe working environment for myself, colleagues and students. - Writing risk assessments and keeping documentation including COSHH data sheets. - Managing contractors for maintenance and development work within the department. - Maintaining an accurate inventory of paperwork including budget management, records of machine maintenance and orders. - Liaise with department management, school business manager and school senior leadership to ensure the department is running as expected. - Contribute to the school’s social media for the technology department. In my role of technology technician, I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to transform the department from its previously neglected state into an organised, brighter and inspiring department for the students. Transforming the departments displays, photographing students work and making them the focus of their learning space. Within the department office, I have implemented a new inventory system that is extremely successful, ensuring that all school policies and health and safety procedures are adhered to and evidenced. I have also received certification under the ‘Health and Safety Standards in Design Technology’ and I’m qualified to safety use and carry out maintenance on workshop machinery including the departments laser cutter. I have built up strong working relationships with my colleagues and and repertoire with the students and am extremely proud that I have had the chance to be a part of their education that will establish their futures.
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    The key responsibilities for my role at GreenLab included; - Assisting with the set-up of talks, open houses and events, documenting them through photography. - Assisting with the management of the lab’s social media creating good exposure for the lab. Managing my own individual project in an open source lab, the farming of mealworms and researching the introduction of insects as a future food source for western cultures. - Collaborating with other designers and businesses on short-term projects. - Writing small features to be used as part of the lab’s website. Being approached by GreenLab, an urban agriculture lab based in Bermondsey, London to become a research and design resident at the lab whilst studying my MA was an extremely exciting opportunity. Despite being initially invited to develop my own MA research work in the lab, I found my role evolved into a permanent contributor to the space.The space aims to use simple innovative design solutions for complex food and sustainability problems. As an ambitious individual, GreenLab was the perfect location for me to branch out and meet individuals who had the same passion to explore and develop and more sustainable solutions to food systems, as well as being a creative and innovative space for me to develop as a designer. Despite moving back home to Manchester, I am still connected with the team at GreenLab and contribute when I have the opportunity.
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    MAUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Studying MA Material Futures, at the renowned Central Saint Martins in London, I built my design practice from my fascination of systems, social engagement and the future of food. My research explored the introduction of insects as future food source for western cultures and how developments in the way insects are processed as a human food source can break the current taboo that surrounds it. With no current law or legislation around the farming, slaughter and preparation, it is difficult for insects to be considered as a serious alternative to our current protein sources that have extremely unsustainable production systems. In collaboration with leading entomologists and animal welfare experts, I designed and built a mealworm processing system. Proposing the cleanest, most humane and ethically efficient method of killing a mealworm for human consumption commercially or at home, along with the legislation that would support such a system, the aim of my research was ultimately help make entomophagy (the human consumption of insects) more culturally, socially and ethically acceptable to a western society. I continue to build upon this research, hoping to evoke conversations about how our food is currently produced, what should change to create a more sustainable future and how, with the continuing rise in population, we can make it work on a large scale. Receiving a distinction level for my MA, I was extremely proud of my achievement. Exhibiting the project at Milan Design Week was a particular highlight, as well as being featured in MIX magazine. My MA confirmed that with hard work, ambition and a belief that I can do anything I want to, I can achieve everything I aim to.