Lydia Dunn

Lydia Dunn

Fashion DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
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Lydia Dunn

Lydia Dunn

Fashion DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
About me
Email address: LinkedIn: Portfolio: My degree studies in Fashion Design at the University of Leeds has enabled me to pursue my passion both academically and practically whilst also gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry. As part of the course I specialised in menswear and undertook two internships during my year in industry. The first internship was a seven month placement with the luxury fashion brand, Brachmann, located in Berlin. In this role I designed and prepared samples, constructed technical packs and helped to prepare for Paris Fashion Week 2018/2019. The second internship was with H&M headquarters in Stockholm and lasted for four months. My role there was a design intern and I gained invaluable experience in the organisational running of a global and commercial brand. Project Works: The inspiration for my projects has come from a variety of interests: my first project for the innovation module developed the idea of sustainability to produce a reversible multi-product collection. This collection was inspired by my time in Berlin where I researched the contrast between the pre and post-unification of Berlin, looking in depth at the music influences, specific imagery and trends from these two historical eras. The second concept was taken from the imagery of container shipping: it focused on the colours and textures found in the photography of industrial container ships. I chose to incorporate heavy knits, literal graphics and oversized silhouettes to resemble the urban, gritty elements of the container shipping industry. The third and fourth concepts were divided into two areas: the first reviewed the “This is England” film and TV show incorporating the punk subculture fashion influences which evolved from this era. The film was based in the 1980’s and incorporated this subculture and the musical influences which inspired my designs. The second concept was designed in direct contrast – “This was England” reviewed how England once was in the “roaring” 1920’s. I discovered that although this era was renowned for wealth and prosperity severe hardship was also prevalent, due in part to a large scale mining strike which caused poverty and adversity for many people. My designs were aimed at displaying an element of the 1920’s which is often forgotten. My final concept was taken from the artist Dorian Legret, who uses contemporary digital media in contrast to authentic renaissance imagery to produce a bold mix of old and new. In my designs I used actual imagery from Legret’s artwork and also incorporated the colour palette from these images to form a daring and exciting sportswear collection for men.
  • Adidas x Stella McCartney- Dorian Legret
    Adidas x Stella McCartney- Dorian LegretS/S 2021 A sportswear collection inspired by the contemporary artist Dorian Legret who finds inspiration from digitally incorporating historical renaissance imagery with modern bold graphics. A menswear collaboration between the two brands has never happened before therefore this is a new pathway for both brands. The use of sustainable fabrics and printing techniques sits within the Stella McCartney ethos while the bright colouring and bold prints maintains the youth held by Adidas.
  • Vivienne Westwood- This is England
    Vivienne Westwood- This is EnglandA/W 20/21 A menswear collection designed for Vivienne Westwood inspired by the This is England film and tv show. Looking at the skinhead subculture to create an alternative avenue for the brand, juxtaposing with the punk subculture foundation that the brand is built upon. The use of denims and checks are prevalent for both the brand and concept.
  • Jil Sander-This Was England
    Jil Sander-This Was EnglandAW20/21 A collection produced with the focus on the contrast between the ideals of the 'roaring' 1920's compared with the realism of the mining strikes and hardship of the times. The collection uses thick knits against tailored techniques to produce an eclectic collection for a contemporary market.
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Projects credited in
  • H&M Men Shoot
    H&M Men ShootH&M Mens shoot
Work history
    H&M logo
    H&M logo
    Design Assistant InternH&M
     - SwedenInternship
    As one of the largest fashion retailers, I had the opportunity to understand the workings of a global fashion company. My role included co-creating designs for both knitwear and woven shirts with design assistants, product developers and concept designers. I would liaise with H&M’s Global Production Office to comment on product samples, swatches and garment fit. My day to day role included the use of Adobe Creative Suite to create technical packs to send to production. My role also involved a more commercial understanding, communicating daily with business stakeholders such as buyers and relaying commercial feedback into my designs.
    Studio Design Inern"Brachmann Design"
     - Berlin, GermanyInternship
    Brachmann is a contemporary menswear and womenswear brand that focuses on architectural silhouette and classical styles. During my internship at Brachmann I have gained valuable knowledge and techniques such as the practises of industry for example how a brand resonates the brand identity through design. I have also learnt how industry uses technology such as Adobe Creative Suite and how to interact with brands who the brand may buy from or sell to, thus allowing me to learn the industry expectations of professionalism.
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • 3D Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Industrial Sewing
    University of Leeds logo
    University of Leeds logo
    BA(Hons) Fashion Design INDUniversity of Leeds
    Leeds, United Kingdom
    I am a passionate student studying Fashion Design at the University of Leeds, specialising in menswear. I am currently in my final year of University after completing a year working in the fashion industry at the global fashion brand, H&M, and high-end contemporary designer, Brachmann. My decision to pursue a career in this industry comes from a desire to express my creativity on a professional level.